Wondfo Combo 40 Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Review

When you are actively trying to have a baby, you most likely want to know if you're pregnant, as soon as possible. During the time that you want to get pregnant, you may also want to know when you're ovulating. For those who need to put a little more effort into getting pregnant, being able to pinpoint your ovulation is a big help.

Many successful pregnancies have actually been a result of using ovulation tests and detecting pregnancy early on. Knowing if you're pregnant as soon as possible is important as you can start to take great care of yourself. Some people who try for pregnancy don't realize that understanding your ovulation schedule is extremely important.

Many couples will "randomly" try for a baby and when it doesn't happen, they think they need treatment. Before you go running to your doctor for fertility help, you may want to try for pregnancy when you are ovulating. This may actually be all that is missing for you to welcome a cute addition to your family. You may be great at the guesswork but why not get the help of tests to be sure?

The best way to stay on top of the process of trying to get pregnant and knowing if you are, is to invest in ovulation/pregnancy test kits. These tests can make the "trying to get pregnant" process much easier. Being able to know when you're ovulating and of course, there are some things to consider before shopping. You don't want to spend a large amount of money on something that won't work. Take your time and shop wisely.

This product review page will give you some advice on one of the best options available to you. So keep reading to find out more.

Most Important Considerations

While shopping for pregnancy tests and ovulation kits may seem like a no-brainer, there are some factors to it. You need to understand your needs and body. Following are some things to consider when shopping for ovulation/pregnancy test kits:

  • Do you prefer the digital tests or would you rather use the traditional kind? While they are both very easy to read, some people may appreciate the comfort of using what they may be used to.
  • When considering which type that you prefer, you may want to consider that traditional tests can pick up pregnancy earlier.
  • Does it matter to you how early you can get the results? Some people don't mind waiting a bit, in order to be absolutely sure. Of course, if you have been trying for a while, you probably want to know as soon as possible.
  • You want to find out how sensitive the tests are before you purchase them. Some brands have lower sensitivity than others and thus may not pick up on the hCG as well as others.
  • Because you are hoping to use ovulation tests to be able to get pregnant, you want the best ovulation predictor tests that you can find. This can go far in helping you to achieve your goal—a baby.
  • Does price matter to you? If you want to spend less, you may need to be prepared to have to wait longer for results. Typically, the costlier tests offer an earlier reading time.
  • Does it matter to you if its FDA-approved? Tests that are FDA approved are usually more accurate than ones that are not.
  • Whether the test is good or not, you need to know your cycle and keep track of when you last got your period and the day that you should be getting it. This will help you to be able to more accurately test your ovulation and possible pregnancy without wasting strips.
  • If you happen to have irregular periods and it's difficult to keep track, ovulation kits can help. You may want to get a package with several test strips to last for as many days as needed.
  • If you have recently been pregnant or have taken certain fertility treatments, some ovulation tests may not work for you.
  • As with a pregnancy test, try to take it early when you haven't had too much water or anything else to drink. This makes it easier for the true level of LH to come through.

Remember that this is one time when you really want to be sure about accuracy. When it comes to ovulation tests, you want it right the first time. You are depending on them to tell you when it's time to try for the baby. Many people who use accurate ovulation tests get pregnant quicker than if they didn't use them. It's also important to talk to your doctor to ensure that you are ready to start trying.

The Best Ovulation Predictor Kit

A kit that can provide you with great results is the Wondfo pregnancy test and Wondfo ovulation test. It's a relatively reliable and quality kit that can be depended on for those who are ready to take the next step. Having a baby is worth the time and money spent, if that's what you want.

It's one of the most affordable, accurate, and beneficial kits on the market. Where some tests might be pricey and others cheap but inaccurate, this package of pregnancy and ovulation tests is different. It is offered at a great price but it is also FDA-approved which means accuracy can be expected.

Product Specifications

This bundle comes with two packages. One contains 40 ovulation tests and the other one contains 10 pregnancy tests. The Wondfo pregnancy pack contains early detection pregnancy tests for those who are in a hurry to find out.

The kit only weighs around 4 ounces and the packages are only 1.6 x 16 x 0.2 inches. They can be taken with you on trips so you don't miss a chance to get pregnant. Each package has instructions on the back. There are some more details on usage below.

Ovulation Tests

The idea of being able to know exactly when you're ovulating for a better possibility of pregnancy sounds amazing. Yet how do you know if you can trust these little sticks and how do they work? What exactly are they testing?

Ovulation tests are used similarly to a pregnancy test. Except they aren't testing your urine for hCG but rather for luteinizing hormones. These are the hormones that can let you know that you are about to ovulate. Ovulation tests will pick up on these hormones in your urine one or two days before you begin to ovulate.

Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy test tests for hCG which is the hormone that is present in a woman's body when she's pregnant. As with ovulation tests, you should test your urine first thing in the morning before drinking water or any other liquid. This helps to ensure that your urine is concentrated for the test to more easily pick up on the hCG levels.

Whether you use a traditional or digital pregnancy test, the results are both relatively easy to understand. A traditional one will show you two lines if it's positive and one if you're not. A digital pregnancy test will display the word "pregnant" if you are and "not pregnant" if not. Obviously, when it comes to digital pregnancy tests, there is no mistaking the result.

How Tests Work

The Wondfo Pregnancy Test hCG Level

The Wondfo pregnancy test, tests hCG levels just as any other pregnancy test does. While they have a simpler appearance than other tests, they are considered to be highly reliable. While some regular pregnancy tests can be peed on, these Wondfo pregnancy tests cannot. You will need to pee in a cup beforehand and then dip the strip into the cup.

You only need to dip it in for 3 seconds and then lay it on a flat area. After 5 minutes, you can check the results. With Wondfo tests, it can be challenging to understand the strips. A negative result will show one line which is also the control line and nothing or a very light line on the results line. If you are indeed pregnant, two very bold lines will show up. One is the control line and the other is the results.

The Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips

The Wondfo Ovulation tests are similar to the pregnancy tests. They should also be used in the morning before you drink water or liquids to ensure the most accurate results. As with the pregnancy test, pee into a cup and dip the strip in for 3 seconds. Afterwards, lay it flat for 5-10 minutes.

The results read the same as above. Two lines means that you are about to start ovulating and one control line means that you have no LH surge in your body. If you do not get a control line on either the pregnancy test or ovulation test, the test did not work and you will need to try it again.

When Are They Best Used?

The pregnancy test is best used in the morning and at least more than a week after you possibly conceived. While these Wondfo tests are meant to be used to detect pregnancy earlier than most, you may still want to wait up to two weeks for most accurate results.

If you have regular periods and are used to keeping track of your ovulation, you can use the Wondfo ovulation tests when you suspect that you are about to ovulate. If not, you may want to test regularly to make sure that you don't miss your window to get pregnant. It also helps to use these tests first thing in the morning before you have started drinking liquids to ensure non-diluted urine.

Is It The Best Option For You?

Some people are very particular about their pregnancy tests. There are those who only want to use plastic applicators that allow for easy handling and no cups. If you don't mind using strips and disposable cups for testing, the above early detection pregnancy tests and ovulation strips are reliable. If you want to have digital results, you may want to look elsewhere, as these tests are more "old school."

Another factor to take into consideration is that the "price is right" for the two packages of ovulation and pregnancy tests. They may not be as fancy as other tests but that doesn't take away from their accuracy. Also, because the package comes with plenty of strips, you can use them for longer than if you spent the same amount of money on only one "fancy" test.

This is, most likely, one of the most attractive factors to this kit. Many couples know that it takes time to get pregnant and spending money on a myriad of different tests can be expensive. It's best to spend less and receive more, especially when you know that these tests work for most people.

If you are looking for an FDA-approved test, you will be happy to know that this is one. This means that the Wondfo pregnancy test sensitivity is high. From its reliability to its high ratio of tests to price, the Wondfo tests are a great idea. If you have been trying to have a baby with your partner to no avail, this package may just what you've been hoping for. You can make sure to "try" during your ovulation and then test earlier than you would with other tests.

Knowing exactly when your chances are highest is one of the best steps to take towards a higher success rate. It can avoid a lot of worry and it really helps be more prepared. You can adapt your diet daily routine to be a lot healthier. All these factors will then make it much easier for you to get pregnant.

If you're ready to start preparing for having a baby, you may want to invest in the Wondfo pregnancy/ovulation tests. It's a low cost for a big result. They can help you do it right and get pregnant sooner!