Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor: Listen To Your Babies Heart While Still In The Womb

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by WusicAre you pregnant yourself or are you looking for a present for a pregnant woman? Then you should think of purchasing a womb music heartbeat baby monitor.  You won’t go far wrong if you do.

Can you just imagine both you and the baby’s father being able to bond with your baby even before it’s born? At last there’s something that dad can also be involved with during pregnancy – not just mom moaning about being uncomfortable!

But what is a womb music heartbeat monitor? It’s a device that allows you to listen to not only your baby’s heartbeats, but also its movements while still in the womb. It can be used from the 16th week onwards, which is basically the time you’ll start feeling the first flutters of movement.

But how do you know which is the best baby heartbeat monitor to purchase? You won’t know without reading fetal heartbeat monitor reviews first. For that reason we’ve reviewed a product for you that we consider to be the best available – namely the Wusic Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor. Why do we consider this product the best the market has to offer? – Because it’s a product that also involves dad. Let’s face it, dads do get left out a little during pregnancy – they mostly get involved with the negative sides such as expectant moms complaining about discomfort!

You’ll be able to listen to and record all of your baby’s movements and present the recording to your child when he/she comes of age. What’s more you’ll have a personalized album of lullabies where baby’s name is included in each song. It might be a good idea to decide on a name before you purchase the product! Whether you purchase it for yourself or as a present you won’t regret it.


Short Overview

Once you’ve reached the 16th week you should be able to comfortably use this product. You and baby’s dad will be enthralled when you hear those first sounds. There’s nothing more reassuring than hearing baby’s heartbeat.

It’s also fascinating to hear the sounds of the movements that baby makes. You’ll even both be able to listen at the same time as there are 2 sets of ear buds supplied. The product includes the monitor, splitter, recording cable for the computer, batteries and the 2 sets of ear buds. You’ll also be able to download a personalized album of lullaby music with your baby’s name included in each song.

But why is there a recording cable? This is so you’ll be able to record what you hear. You’ll be able to share your experience with your family. And you’ll also have a wonderful keepsake that you can give to your child when it comes of age. All this from a small device that runs with a 9-volt battery and can be hand held. It really is amazing how far technology has gone these days.



  • It has ear buds – one set each for mom and dad
  • It’s possible to record baby’s movements
  • It includes a voucher for a personalized lullaby album
  • It’s easy to us
  • It’s compact so you can take it with you when travelling

  • It’s not easy to hold while using
  • Using gel messes it up a bit


How To Use The Product?

To be sure that it works correctly, test it out on an adult first. You won’t want to be worried that something is wrong if you don’t hear a heartbeat.

It’s only suitable for using after the 16th week of pregnancy. Why is this? A baby’s heartbeat can’t be detected until some time after the 8th week. Normally it’s possible by 16 weeks so this is the ideal time to start using the monitor. You’ll only be concerned if you use it earlier and can’t detect anything.

At first the sound may be rather quite but the heartbeat will become easier to hear as baby grows. It’s not advisable to use it for more than 10 minutes at a time, although it’s been FDA tested and cleared for continuous use.

You’ll need to purchase lubricating gel to go with it to avoid too much static. What causes static?  Static is caused when the monitor is being moved across your stomach.

One important point to note is that this is not a medical device; it’s only a listening device. It’s not made for diagnosing whether or not something is wrong – if you’re concerned about anything you’ll need to visit your prenatal care doctor.


How Does This Product Work?

It works with ultrasound to allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat through the ear buds supplied. The sound waves can be compared to the sound waves dolphins use to enable them to locate things when they are in water. And let’s face it; your baby is in a womb full of water so the same principle is basically the same.

By amplifying the sounds of the baby moving about, and the sounds of its heartbeat, you’ll be able to hear it all through the ear buds provided. But as baby’s pulse is not strong enough to hear clearly before the 16th week if not advisable to use it earlier. What’s more; you’ll even be able to hear two heartbeats should you be carrying twins.

You’re probably now thinking: ‘How exactly does ultrasound work and is it safe?’ Ultrasound waves are sent into the womb through your skin. Any movement in the womb will be caught and converted into sound. This means that not only the baby’s heartbeat will be picked up, but also any movement baby makes. You’ll even hear when baby hiccups (no doubt you’ll feel that also as your child gets bigger!)

You will need a little bit of patience at first and have to practice using the device before you’ll find exactly what you’re listening for – namely, your baby’s heartbeat.


Is it Safe To Use A Baby Heartbeat Monitor Device?

You probably can’t wait for you next pre-natal care visit to hear the heartbeats of the fetus. It really is fascinating, but also reassuring that your baby is developing correctly. Doctors have been using such devices for decades with no side effects whatsoever to them. Of course, they’re trained in how to use them correctly. But are monitoring devices that you use yourself at home really safe?

Ultrasound monitors have been FDA tested but it’s not known whether repeated usage is completely safe. That’s why it’s only advisable to use for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. But using it daily should not be a problem.

You may find that your doctor recommends such a monitor if you have a high-risk pregnancy. High-risk pregnancy needs regular monitoring of the fetal heartbeat. You’ll be able to contact your doctor immediately then if you notice any changes or just if your have any concerns about your baby’s health.



What Should I Be Aware Of When Using A Heartbeat Monitor Device?

Of course it’s a magical moment when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It’s not only magical when you hear it the first time; it’s magical every time. And you’ll be able to listen to it every day with a heartbeat monitoring device. But you should be aware of a few facts before purchasing one so that you don’t panic if things are not as you expected them to be.

First thing to be aware of is the fact that there could be a false alarm. You could tune in and not be able to hear anything. Naturally, you’ll panic if you can’t find the heartbeat. But there could be many reasons for this without there being anything wrong. It’s possible that the fetus has just changed position. A midwife will always test your stomach to find the position of the fetus before testing for heartbeats.  Another point is knowing exactly what to listen for. At the start of a pregnancy the fetus’ heartbeat is the same at its mothers (around 80-85 beats per minute), but by 9 weeks it will have increased to approximately 175 beats per minute. By not knowing exactly what you are listening for you could end up with a false positive. You may think that everything is okay, but this may not be so. Only a trained midwife or doctor will be able to know for sure. So if you use the wusic womb music heartbeat monitor, be aware that it is a superb device for calming baby, but it’s not a medical device.


What Benefits Are To Be Found From Playing Music?

Fetal heartbeatHave you ever considered how relaxing music can be to you personally? It’s a proven fact that classical music helps you to concentrate. It also helps with brain function and can de-stress you. If it does all this for you, you can understand that it will do the same, or even more, for your baby.

For you baby’s benefit you’ll get a voucher valued at $20 which you can redeem for music personalized with you child’s name (providing you’ve already chosen a name). There’s no catch, either – each set of songs only costs $20 from the site. There are 7 albums for you to choose from so for $20 extra you’ll be able to order a second album if you have a problem deciding which one to buy.

But what exactly are the advantages of these albums? The first advantage is that it’s soothing for the child – yes, even when it’s in the womb. But it can also stimulate the baby’s brain and help develop language at an early stage. And what better way for your baby to identify with its name than to hear it before it’s even born!

Before the development of music monitors it was a proven fact that a baby could hear sounds outside the womb. After all, one of the first organs to develop is the ear system. Many people claim that by playing music, which offers a calming sound to your child while in the womb, your child will actually be smarter than average.


What Are The Advantages Of This Product?

Check through the following list to find out just why a prenatal heartbeat monitor is the ideal gift for a pregnant woman. Or why you should purchase one for yourself if you are pregnant.

  • You’ll be able to listen to all the sounds that your baby makes in the womb. You’ll hear, not only feel, when it’s kicking – you’ll also be reassured that everything is okay when you hear the tiny sounds of its heartbeats.
  • It’s a completely safe way of bonding with baby at the earliest possible stage. Not only will mom have the possibility of bonding with baby, but dad will also be able to at this early stage. You’ll even be able to share the experience with its grandparents and any other person you choose to.
  • You can also record all the sounds from the womb and save them to your computer. What a present for your child when it becomes an adult! Should you be interested in sharing it with family and friends you can even do so via Social Media nowadays. There’s also a possibility of recording mom’s heartbeats to use for soothing a fretful baby after you’ve given birth.
  • Dad will be happy to know that he can also share the experience with you as it comes with 2 sets of ear buds. Nothing could be better than sharing such an experience with the one you love most.
  • You’ll even be able to download lullaby music that is personalized with your baby’s name (providing you’ve already chosen a name!). Baby’s name will be included in each song.

Have we already awoken your interest? If you’re interested in what others have to say about the product try reading through the womb music heartbeat monitor reviews on amazon. They’ll really convince you of just how great this product is!


You’ll be doing your partner, your family and your baby a big favor if you purchase this item. Your partner will be able to share the in-the-minute experience with you, you’ll be able to share the experience with family and friends via the Social Media and your baby will have a keepsake for life. What more can you ask for from a product? And you won’t even need to break the bank to purchase it!