HealthTree Smart Period Tracker And Ovulation Predictor Kit

You’re considering starting a family and hopefully it won’t take too long before you realize that everything’s working out as planned.

But how can you be sure of conceiving as soon as possible? You may consider that to be a silly question, but is it really?

You may or may not be aware that fertilization only takes place within a few days of the month. After ovulation you only have 24 hours before the egg dies off. So how do you know when the best time of the month is? It’s especially important to pinpoint this if you have an irregular monthly cycle. Surprisingly, statistics claim that of all females aged between 15 and mid 40s, 11% have a problem in conceiving.

Not being aware of the best times for conception, you’ll find that you’re missing the opportunity of becoming pregnant.

Of course, it’s also possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy by knowing conception times.

Maybe you’ve already been trying for a baby with no success. This could be just because you’ve not hit the right days. Of course, there could also be a medical reason for it not happening. Check out with your gynecologist first and if this is not the case, you should consider purchasing an ovulation predictor kit.

No: don’t go thinking: ‘Why on earth should I purchase a predictor kit?’ The reason for purchasing one is so that you’ll be aware exactly when ovulation is taking place.

How can it do this? The thermometer is an accurate period tracker that reads your daily temperature to enable it to pinpoint when you’re ovulating. The ovulation period is only from about 3 to 6 days so it’s of great importance to know which days they are. It’s important whether you want to conceive or whether you need to know to avoid conception.

Perhaps you’re thinking: ‘Why can’t I just use a normal thermometer to take my temperature and assess it myself?’ Of course, you can do this if you want, but you won’t be guaranteed almost 100% correct results. Why is this? Your body does change slightly during ovulation, but are you really aware of the changes. The changes are also different between individuals. So knowing what changes your sister or best friend are aware of won’t help you.

By tracking temperature for ovulation you’ll find that any psychological stress you’ve felt about pregnancy disappears. Naturally, stress of any kind will also have a negative impact on whether you conceive or not.

As there are peak, high and low times for conception, using a fertility thermometer to check your temperature each day will make you aware of these times. Naturally, you could just buy ovulation strips to test this. They’re much cheaper. But the positive side of using a monitor is that you’ll know the 4 to 7 days where there’s a possibility of conceiving. With the strips you only know one day beforehand when you’re ovulating.

The advantage of a monitor is that it’s a one-time purchase and after your baby is born you’ll still be able to use it as a natural form of contraception. It’s unbelievable just how accurate such products are. But if you want one that you’re sure you can rely on you should think about purchasing the Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor. You’re not going to break the bank and you’ll know that your family planning has been taken care of.

Quick Overview

Knowing what product to purchase is not easy. To help you make a decision we’ve reviewed the Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor. We’re certain that this is just the product for you.

You’ll just need to put aside 2 to 3 minutes each morning for testing. Within this time you’ll get the results of whether or not it is a good (or the wrong!) time for conception. Test strips may take a minute or two less for testing, but they’re not as accurate – and just imagine running out of them just when you need them most!

You can connect this basal body thermometer to a mobile App that will record the results. There’s even an alarm clock alert to wake you up at the right time for testing. Once you’ve taken your temperature the device draws a temperature diagram, which is updated on a daily basis, to make you aware of your menstrual cycle. It not only analyses ovulation date but also any other physiological conditions. It’s simple to use and you can expect a practically 100% accuracy level. Knowing when ovulation takes place will take a lot of strain off your relationship – whether because you want to conceive or because you want to avoid conception.



  • It’s a family planning method that is completely natural
  • It’s a family planning method that you can rely on
  • It’s a family planning method with no side effects to it
  • It’s a family planning method that won’t take more than 3 minutes a day
  • It’s a family planning method that draws a daily chart for your perusal


  • The app is not the best, but you can use others
  • The translation of the instructions are not the best, but understandable


How Should This Product Be Used

First you’ll need to sync the product with an app. Once this is done you’re ready to go.

For accurate results you’ll need to measure your temperature at the same time each day. This should be immediately when you wake up, without getting out of bed. Don’t even pay a visit to the bathroom before doing this.

Ideally you should measure some time between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock in the morning. No problem: just set the smart alarm clock alert so you’ll never forget to do it. Just one point you need to be aware of – you shouldn’t move at all while you are measuring.

You’re not going to need much time either  – it only takes between 2 to 3 minutes to take your temperature and get the results. You’ll even be able to go back to sleep after testing at the weekend.

The results of the test will be saved in the app you’ve downloaded and by syncing it to the cloud storage platform you won’t have to worry about losing any data. But the thermometer itself can also save up to 50 data. You’ll be able to access a chart of your menstrual cycle that is easy to read. It won’t be necessary for you to fill out any charts manually. What could be simpler? When you consider how easy it is you’ll never need to use any other method of contraception.

When Should I Use This Product For The Best Results?

Naturally, it’s best to use this product from the beginning of the month so you have a perfect graph to follow. But this is not really necessary – you’ll be able to use it immediately you receive it.

To be sure of completely accurate results it is important that you test at the same time each day. This is because your temperature changes throughout the day so the monitor would be confused with the readings otherwise. The best time for testing is sometime between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock in the morning. Don’t worry about not waking up then – there’s a special alarm on it that will let you know when it’s time. All you’ll need is 2 to 3 minutes to take your temperature and get the results. Just be careful not to move at all while you are testing.

Up to 50 data at can be stored in the monitor. But as you’re synced to an app, to ensure nothing gets lost you can also upload them into cloud.

How Does This Product Work?

Like most people, you’re probably asking yourself: ‘How can this product work?’ It’s easy – it reads your temperature daily then calculates and analyzes the results. As it’s synced to an app these results will be shown in the form of a graph on your cell phone. There’s no need for concern because you have a completely irregular cycle. The monitor will adjust to your cycle however irregular it is. It is able to calculate exactly when your fertile days are so you’ll know when you need to be sexually active (or not, if you want to avoid pregnancy!)

It’s always wise to check out with your gynecologist if you are taking medication of any form. It’s possible that the medication will affect your temperature. If that’s the case you won’t be guaranteed a correct reading.

As a natural way of planning a family you won’t get better readings than this. The readings are guaranteed to be nearly 100% correct. Also using a monitor instead of test strips is cheaper as you won’t have to keep purchasing strips. There’ll also be no worry about running out of strips when you need them.

Anyone of menstruating age will be able to use it with no concerns at all as it is a safe method.


Tips That Will Help You Conceive

The best tip, of course, is to purchase the Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor. But a thermometer alone is not enough when you consider all the factors that will influence your chances of conceiving. You really need to be aware of these factors so we’ve put together a list for you to consider. If you follow our tips while using the monitor we hope you’ll soon have reason to rejoice.

  • Do all you can to de-stress. An irregular menstrual cycle could be the result of being stressed out continually. If your cycle is irregular you’ll be completely confused about when you are ovulating. Stress will also put a damper on you being able to enjoy the process. Without stress you’ll find yourself enjoying it more and conception will be easier.
  • Be aware of your cycle. When you know that you are ovulating it’ll be easier to conceive. This is not easy if you have an irregular cycle, but with less stress in your life your cycle will also become more regular. The more regular it is the more chance you’ll have of being together with your partner at the right time of the month. Don’t forget, after ovulation you only have 24 hours before the egg dies off. Once this happens there’s no chance of you becoming pregnant for another month. By using a fertility monitor you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly when ovulation takes place.
  • Be sure that you are always in the best of health. By eating healthily you’ll feel healthy. Being healthy means that you’ll become pregnant easier. Once you’re pregnant you’ll also be doing your baby a favor as a healthy mother will nourish a healthy fetus.
  • Visit your gynecologist to put your mind at rest. There is a possibility that you haven’t conceived due to medical reasons. You’re gynecologist will be able to put your mind at rest if this is not the case. If there is a medical reason a gynecologist will also be able to give you advice. There’s nothing more frustrating that testing on a daily basis only to be disappointed each month when nothing happens.

We’ll assume that there is no reason you shouldn’t conceive so now it’s time to relax and hope for the best. Don’t start getting upset or worrying if you don’t conceive immediately even when you’ve adhered to the times the monitor tells you that conception is possible. There are other factors that could be the result of this. There’s always the possibility that your partner has a low sperm count.

You’ll be surprised at the amount of women who have accepted that they’ll never become pregnant only to suddenly find themselves in this situation after all.

If you follow our tips and use the fertility monitor regularly you’ll soon be passing on your happy news to family and friends.


Don’t give up if you don’t become pregnant as soon as you’d like to. Keep trying and your time will come. By using the Smart Period Tracker Fertility Monitor you’ll be doing everything within your power to ensure early results. The rest is up to you (and your partner, of course!).

The added advantage is that you’ll still be able to use the monitor as a contraceptive device after your baby is born.