Pregnancy Tips For The Expecting Mother: How To Keep Yourself And Your Baby In Healthy Shape

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Nov 10

Congratulations. You’re expecting and you’re probably very excited for what’s to come. Of course, while you’re looking forward to your baby arriving, you’re probably a bit nervous about the process of pregnancy.

While there is definitely nothing to worry about, there are some things to keep in mind. There are healthy pregnancy tips and things that you can do to have an easier time and a healthier pregnancy. As long as you take good care of yourself and keep your health on track, you will be just fine.

On this page, you’ll find some very valuable tips to keep you and your baby in the best health. It’s a difficult time, especially in the last trimester. But the more of these tips you follow the better your pregnancy will be.

Even if you have previously had a baby, you still might pick up some tips to make life easier. And the more relaxed you are the better your baby will develop.

Check Out These Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Everyone has their opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do in pregnancy. Just as what you will expect in parenting, many people will try to tell you how things should be done. It’s important to realize that everyone’s bodies are different and most of all, you should consult your doctor before making big decisions.

With that being said, there are some first time pregnancy advice and tips that are universally accepted for women who want to have safe and healthy pregnancies.

Diet Tips

Eating well is of utmost importance for this life-changing experience. While part of it may be a matter of keeping your body in shape during pregnancy, eating the right kind of foods is important to maintaining good health.

Following are some great diet tips for healthy baby during pregnancy and for expectant mothers:

  • Stock up your fridge with healthy food. As a pregnant woman, you will find yourself with cravings for all kinds of food. These cravings can include junk food, so to avoid overeating unhealthy food, make sure that your home has healthy alternatives. Of course, every once in a while, you can give into the unhealthy cravings, but keep it to a minimum.
  • Eat breakfast—every single day. You may be used to skipping out on breakfast as a rule, but once you’re pregnant, you will want to make sure to eat it every day. Many times, women suffer from nausea in the morning due to not eating on time. You will also want to eat nutritional food for your first meal of the day.
  • Eat legumes, fruits, and vegetables as often as you can. Foods that are high in fiber are important for your baby. While you may need to take a fiber supplement to ensure that you are getting enough, you will want to try to eat legumes and vegetables as well. Just make sure to drink enough water to avoid bloating.
  • Make sure to get your vitamins—especially the prenatal ones. One of most important things for your baby’s growth and nutrition are vitamins. Vitamins are full of nutrients and minerals that are necessary for their development and it’s very important to include them as a part of your diet. The easiest way to ensure that you are getting all the necessary ones is to take prenatal ones. If you’re not sure which ones to take, ask your doctor for advice.

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy can be a challenge, but it’s important to do your best. After all, it’s not every day that your body creates a new little human. Eating healthy is good for you and them and can ensure that you both stay healthy.

Exercise Tips

You’re pregnant and carrying a new life but that doesn’t mean that your fitness routine should be hurt by it. In fact, it’s very important to get exercise during pregnancy for a number of reasons. Following are some exercise and health pregnancy tips to ensure that you stay healthy and in shape during this phase of your life:

  • If you were active before pregnancy, you can usually keep up with your same exercise routine, but make sure to check with your doctor first. For example, if you enjoyed running as a non-pregnant woman, you will most likely be able to keep up with a similar exercise routine.
  • But, before you commit to running every day, make sure to ask your doctor if your body is healthy enough for it. Some conditions may come to light during pregnancy or you may have some issues that would be aggravated by your favorite exercise routine.
  • Take pregnancy yoga classes. While you may be up to some more vigorous exercises, your body may not. Yoga classes can help you to relax, work out many of the kinks associated with the added weight, and help you to breathe better.
  • Go swimming for your daily exercise. It’s one of the most frequent pregnancy tips first trimester from experienced mothers. It’s especially good for those who may not be able to exercise in any other way.
  • If your doctor suggests that you don’t practice as high impact sports or exercise as you are used to, make walking a part of your daily routine. While it may not seem like it’s doing much, it will help to keep you active and will even help you to keep in good shape during this experience.

What You Should Avoid

  • Don’t eat food with high mercury. You should eat fish while pregnant, but you will want to avoid fish that is high in mercury. Unless you’re an avid swordfish or shark consumer, you probably don’t eat these types of fish on a regular basis, but it’s good to be aware. While tuna is a yes for pregnancy, avoid eating too much and choose white tuna as much as possible.
  • Stay away from soft cheeses and lunch meats as they can be harmful to babies. Listeria isn’t something that affects us normally and you may be just fine eating soft cheeses during pregnancy. But, if you do happen to eat something with this bacteria in it, you could be causing harm to your unborn child. When in doubt, avoid hot dogs and ham and only buy pasteurized cheeses.
  • Rough contact sports. You may have been a great soccer player before pregnancy or even enjoyed American football as a hobby. During this time in your life when your body is developing a baby, you will want to avoid these sports. As healthy as you may be, getting hit or falling during your game can be detrimental to your little one.
  • Don’t go scuba diving or freediving. This should be an obvious one, but if you’re used to challenging your body, you may not realize it. The thing is that while you can do just fine with equalizing pressure and holding your breath, your unborn baby won’t be okay. Sorry, adventurous mama, but this is one area where you will have to take a break.

There are many things that people will tell you to avoid, but you will want to speak with your health provider instead. They know your personal condition and will be able to provide you with reliable pregnancy tips for normal delivery and a healthy baby.

Medical Challenges

Medical challenges during this part of a women’s life vary greatly. Some women feel perfectly healthy and don’t have any problems. They can even go through the delivery without any hiccups and pregnancy seems like a breeze. For others, there are some medical challenges that may arise during this time.

Some of the most common challenges are:

  • Gestational diabetes: This is an odd occurrence but does happen. It’s basically diabetes that only lasts during pregnancy and goes away after the baby is born. While in most cases, there isn’t too high of a risk for harm to your infant, you will want to consult with your doctor. They may put you on a strict diet or ask you to come in for weekly checkups.
  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure may come up during this phase of your life. While it isn’t something that you should stress about, you should definitely do things to manage it. You will want to visit your doctor regularly to make sure it doesn’t cause preeclampsia.
  • Preclampsia. This is not something that you want to experience as it can be dangerous for both mom and child. It can cause the need for you to be induced or could be more serious if you have issues earlier on. Yet fortunately, there are ways to keep your condition controlled. From bed rest to medicines, treatment is typically possible for preclampsia and can help.
  • Obesity. You may be perfectly in shape before pregnancy, but due to your increased food intake, you start to gain weight. While it doesn’t happen to everyone, some people become obese during this experience. It can be unhealthy for you and your baby and should be something you manage. If you are already overweight when beginning this journey, you will want to try your best to eat well. Always discuss your health with your doctor to take precautions.
  • Anemia. Anemia strikes a lot of women during this phase and while it isn’t exactly dangerous, it does cause discomfort. You will need to keep an eye on it though. You will feel tired and fatigued, so try to maintain a healthy diet and take iron supplements.

While there are many more medical issues that could arise during pregnancy, you shouldn’t worry too much about them. You may be lucky and have a drama-free experience and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the 9 months.

Keep Up With Your Beauty Routine

Some mothers feel so horrible while pregnant, especially during the 9th month. Some 9 month pregnancy tips include keeping up with your beauty routine. Pregnancy beauty tips should be something that you pay attention to throughout pregnancy.

Although you may not feel like doing anything, taking care of your hygiene and looks can help you to feel better. Sometimes pregnancy brings issues such as acne or hair loss and you may find yourself feeling less than attractive.

To avoid feeling this way, take little steps to stay on top of your self-care. We promise, it will make the 9 months go faster and you’ll feel better. From using sunblock to protect against sun spots to using special face wash for your skin cares, these little things will go a long way.

While some women find their hair grows longer and thicker, others may find that it’s falling out more than ever. If you typically color your hair, you may also be dealing with a weird double-color thing going on. A haircut may be a great way to help you feel prettier and more confident during this stage.

Yes, you’ll only be pregnant for 9 months and won’t use the clothes afterwards. But, if you think about it, nine months is almost a year. Why wear frumpy clothes for almost a year? Invest in some adorable maternity outfits. You’ll feel much better and look it, too. Plus, while looking good should always be for you, it helps to keep up with your self-love for you partner too.

In Conclusion

Living life as an expectant mother isn’t a piece of cake but its surely going to be one that you won’t forget. After all, you’ll have your child to remind you of it for years to come. The above tips can help you to be healthy during this experience and avoid mistakes that won’t be the best for you or your little one.

Most of all, keep in touch with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy and doing the best things for you and your personal situation. Try to enjoy this time, with its discomforts and all—you’re a strong woman creating a life. That’s beautiful.

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