Ovaview Sensitive Early Results: Reliable Pregnancy Test With Results In Minutes

So you’ve reached the time in your life where you’ve either decided to start a family or else you want to extend your family. Naturally, you’ll be eager to know whether or not you are pregnant at the earliest possible stage. But first it’s important for you to know just what changes you need to make in your lifestyle to be sure that everything runs smoothly.

If you’re planning to start a family you won’t want any wrong doings on your part to spoil the ecstatic feeling you’ll get the first time you see and hold your baby. There really is nothing to compare with it, as you’ll already know if you’re just extending your family.

Naturally, the changes you’ll have to make will depend on your lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been regularly partying all night – you’ll have to stop that if you want a healthy pregnancy. But, with your hormones working overtime you probably wouldn’t want to anyway!

Should you be planning your second or even tenth pregnancy you’ll also need to take your other children into consideration. If you don’t you may end up with problems. And, of course, you’ll be eager to decide how to decorate the nursery or plan where the new addition to your family should sleep.

The more time you have for planning, the better. For this reason it’s recommended to test at home for early results. Once you know you’re pregnant you won’t do anything that could harm the fetus. Women in the past had to wait until they’d missed their second period before visiting their doctor onefor confirmation. Can you just imagine how frustrating that would be to women nowadays!

To be able to test at home before you even miss a period you can buy strips for testing whether or not you are pregnant. Be sure you have some at hand when you’re planning a family. By purchasing them in advance you’ll avoid purchasing the wrong product. You certainly don’t want one that’s inferior or you’re not comfortable with.

Of course, there are so many products on the market for pregnancy testing. Some allow you to test up to 6 days before a missed period while other say it’s better to wait until a day after. Some will give you results within a couple of minutes whereas others take much longer. Be sure that you know exactly what you want from a product before purchasing.

With so many products to choose from, how do you know which one to purchase? It’s not easy, but be sure to check that the product states it’s accuracy level. A higher percentage of accuracy means that you have a recommendable product.

Our recommendation for the Ovaview Sensitive Early Results strips is because you’re guaranteed that they are 99% accurate. They’re so easy to read and you’ll have no problem interpreting the results.


Quick Overview

No doubt your thinking: ‘Shouldn’t they always have a high level of accuracy?’ Of course, they should – but that doesn’t always mean that they do!

If you buy an inferior product it may show up positive when you’re actually not pregnant. You’re so excited at the results and start planning for your baby – then a couple of days later your dream is shattered when you start menstruating.

It’s also possible that the strip shows a negative when you are actually pregnant. You decided to drown your sorrows by drinking more than a few glasses of wine at the party you were invited to. Then later you find that you are pregnant after all. Naturally, you’ll be concerned that you may have done some damage to the fetus by consuming so much alcohol.

With the Ovaview pregnancy testing strips you’ll have one of the market’s top products. It promises a 99% accuracy level of any testing done after the expected day of your period. There’ll be no waiting impatiently for results either. Within 4 minutes of testing, you’ll hopefully have the result you want.

Now isn’t this really a product worth purchasing? You won’t need to leave home and you’ll only have to wait 4 minutes to know whether or not you are pregnant.

The pack won’t cost more than a cup of coffee and you’ll be supplied with 6 strips. Surely that’s something that everyone can afford.

But what do you need to have 6 strips for – isn’t 1 enough? One strip is enough for testing, but if it comes back negative, you’ll have enough strips to last you until you get positive results. You’ll always have them handy without having to go out and purchase more each month.

There’s also the fact that you may be a bit of a doubting Thomas! Whatever the results show, you may want to test again to convince yourself that you really are (or aren’t as the case may be) pregnant.

Maybe you’ve tested a little too early – then there could have been a false reading. Testing too early will more than likely show negative even if you are pregnant. Why is this?

The reason is that your HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone) levels haven’t reached the level to show. Maybe these HCG levels had become diluted. But should you want to test again, don’t do so until at least 48 hours after the previous test. You’ll have more chance of the results being accurate then.

So, for those doubting Thomases, you’ll feel better knowing that there are strips sitting in your bathroom cabinet just waiting for you to use.

Most importantly, you’ll need to test first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, as this is the time when your HCG level will be at its highest.

Just be sure to also purchase urine cups for testing as they are not included. You’ll be able to purchase these cheaply online or even in your drug store.

You’ll have no reason to doubt the results of the Ovaview Sensitive Early Results strips as they guarantee 99% accuracy. It’s a product that can be relied on and is also simple and safe to use and offers fast results.



  • You’ll get results 6 days before your expected period
  • Testing is easy and you’ll have results within 4 minutes
  • Rate of accuracy is exceptionally high
  • Results are easy to read and to interpret
  • It’s really good value for money


  • Results take longer than the timeframe stated
  • The color is not strong enough when confirming pregnancy


How To Use This Product

When you know how to use a product, it’s simple, but first you need to know how. Check out the following steps to find out how simple this product is to use.

  • Pregnancy testing for HGC levels should always be done first thing in the morning. And why is that so important? Because the HGC hormones your body produces are at their highest then. And it’s these levels that the strips react to.
  • Always be sure that the strip for testing and the urine cup are at hand before you start urinating.
  • You should put the testing strip into the urine cup (after urinating in it, of course!) and leave it for about 10 seconds. Then lay it somewhere safe and flat, but not on an absorbable surface as you need the urine in the strip for testing.
  • In approximately 4 minutes the test with show either one pink line to show a negative or 2 pink lines to show a positive.

One important fact:  Testing 6 days before you expect your period maybe a little too early. The lines won’t show up as clear as the HCG hormone levels are not so high at this stage. But if you do choose to do it then, even if the lines are feint, 2 lines will still mean that you are pregnant.

Should this not convince you, wait 48 hours and do the test again. The lines will then be much darker. In some cases, no line shows up. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong – you’ve just got an invalid strip.  Take a second strip and test once more.


When Is It Best To Use This Product?

You’re probably so impatient to know whether or not you’re pregnant that you want to test immediately. But this would be a mistake. You can’t expect an accurate result when testing too early. So you’re thinking: ‘I know my ovulation times so why not test straight away?’

As already mentioned, the result depends on the level of the HCG hormone in your body. From conception on the level starts multiplying on a daily basis, but the level is still too weak to give results at such an early stage.

The hormones may have reached a level by 6 days before menstruation is expected, but not necessarily with everyone. So, wait a day or two longer and you’ll be sure of the lines showing up. But don’t forget – always test before eating or drinking anything as soon as you get up in the morning. If you have breakfast first the HCG levels will be diluted.


How Does This Product Work?


Testing strips react to the level of HCG hormones found in your urine. As soon as the embryo implants itself in your uterus these hormones will be produced. There’ll be no HCG hormones to test if there is no embryo to implant. In that case, the strips will show that you’re not pregnant.

But the question now is: ‘How accurate can a test be when done early?’ This product has been known to give a 99% accuracy rate –what more can you expect from a product!


A Few Tips For Helping You Conceive

Another month gone by and you’re still not pregnant. What a disappointment! But don’t let your emotions get the better of you or you’ll get stressed out. Then there’ll be less chance of you becoming pregnant. To help you prepare your body for pregnancy take a look at the following. Hopefully they will help you and there’ll be no further disappointments.

  • Avoid stress by relaxing. Stress can often be the cause of irregular periods. This will result in you not being able to assess when you’re ovulating. By de-stressing and relaxing you’ll find that a much wished for pregnancy will be easier.
  • Know your body’s cycle. If you keep track of your menstrual cycle you’ll be aware of the ovulation period. Surprisingly ovulation doesn’t last more that an average of 24 hours each month. If the egg is not fertilized in this time it will die off. Should conception be a problem, try testing for your ovulation times.
  • Healthy food means a healthy body. After all, we are what we eat! This something you should always be aware of. But to become pregnant and survive a healthy pregnancy it’s even more important. You’ll not only be keeping yourself healthy, but also the fetus.
  • Arrange a check up with your gynecologist. Maybe there is a health issue that’s preventing conception. If something can be done about it, you’re in the right hands. But just knowing the reason will stop you feeling disappointed each month when you start menstruating.

Even when your gynecologist confirms that there’s no reason for not conceiving, you may still need a while before anything happens. You’ll just need to be patient. Many people have conceived long after they’d given up hope of ever having a child of their own.

By following our tips, we hope that you won’t have to wait too long before you get those two pink lines on your testing strip. Just in case it does take a while make sure you have enough strips available for next month.


Never give up hope, unless your gynecologist has told you otherwise. You’ll just need to be patient and avoid stress as much as possible.

But of course, staying patient is not easy. And when you do suddenly suspect that you’re pregnant you’ll become really impatient to know if it’s true. For that reason you should be sure to always have the Ovaview Sensitive Early Results pregnancy test strips available.