Newbornty Ovulation And Pregnancy Test Strips: Simple And Reliable Results

Newbornty Ovulation And Pregnancy Test StripsThere comes a time in every woman’s life when they suddenly feel the longing for a child of their own. You don’t have to be married for those maternal instincts to hit: they even hit when you’re in a live-in relationship and also when you’re single. Have you reached this phase yet? A phase where you know you’re going to have to make a lot of changes to your lifestyle. Changes you won’t regret because nothing compares with holding your own child in your arms for the first time – so, Congratulations if you’ve answered ‘yes’.

Wouldn’t life be perfect if conceiving was easy for every woman? It is easy for many, while for others it takes a long time, or is even not possible without fertility treatment. If you do have problems you should consider using the best ovulation test strips on the market to help you know when you are ovulating. Namely: Newbornty Ovulation Strips.

But whether you conceive easily or not, you’ll be eager to know that conception has been successful when the time comes.

The quickest way to find out is by using pregnancy-testing strips at home: But be sure to have a pregnancy ovulation kit at hand: there’s nothing worse than running out to buy a kit last minute. You’ll be too impatient for that! It’s much better when you only have to reach into your medicine cabinet knowing that you’ll get results in a few minutes.

With different kinds of testing strips, it’s hard to know which one to buy. Some take less time to provide results than others: These are great if you are an impatient person. Some are easier to use than others – a definite must if you’re on fertility treatment. You won’t want to further complicate your life.

A very important factor to consider: the product should be FDA approved. FDA approval guarantees that the product provides accurate results and is safe.

This is not a time to watch your pennies and end up with inaccurate results. That’s why we recommend the Newbornty Ovulation and Pregnancy Testing Strips.


Short Overview

How accurate do you want the product be? You won’t want to test for ovulation to find that the times you’re given are wrong so there’s no chance of becoming pregnant this month. Also, you certainly won’t want a positive pregnancy result only to be disappointed in finding you’re not pregnant after all. Neither will you want a false negative result where you could end up putting the fetus at risk by not looking after yourself correctly. As this Newbornty product offers 99.8% accuracy, it’s one well worth considering. You’ll even get your results well within 10 minutes of doing the test: No long waiting period here.

It’s a product you can use at home with no drama attached where you can expect almost 100% accuracy. At a price, you can easily afford you’ll be provided with 50 ovulation test strips, 20 pregnancy test strips, 1 testing card and 70 urine cups. Most other products on the market don’t supply urine cups. This could be a problem if you don’t realize so don’t purchase any.

You’re probably asking yourself: ‘Why do I need a testing card?’ – as the length of your cycle could vary, it’s important to keep a check of the best time for conception. But first you need to check out how to use ovulation strips.

The information you keep on the card will also help you to know exactly when the best time is to take the pregnancy test.

Next query you have is ‘Why do I need so many test strips?’ – Don’t worry: This is not to retest because of inaccurate results! It’s to be sure you have enough at hand should be mess up the test because of nervousness: Or to retest just to be sure that you didn’t do anything wrong: Or to test again next month if you haven’t been successful.

You may want to retest if you’re not convinced when it shows negative: for accurate results, you shouldn’t do this within 48 hours of the first test. There is a possibility that you’re HCG levels (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormones) were diluted at the first test which gave you a false reading.

Having enough strips at home means that you can put your mind at rest if you’re a doubting Thomas. You’ll always have them handy when you want to use them. As an instruction manual is provided you won’t need to worry that you’ll get confused when using them. It’s recommended that you do the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) test between 10:00a.m. and 8:00p.m. to ensure accurate results. On the other hand, the pregnancy test should be done first thing in the morning when your HCG level is at its highest.

You probably won’t want to wait until you return from that romantic holiday with you partner to know when you ovulate or to know whether you’re pregnant so why not take the pack with you. Whereas many products come in bulky packaging there’ll be no problem taking this with you as the package is compact.

With the high level of accuracy of these strips you won’t be left in limbo wondering if the result really is correct. Being FDA approved you can also be confidant that you can trust them to give correct results and be safe at the same time.



  • It’s simple to use
  • It’s not expensive
  • It promises 99.8% accuracy
  • Excellent value for money as you’ll get 50 ovulation test strips, 20 pregnancy strips, 1 testing card and 7 urine cups
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied with the product you’ll get a refund

  • The instructions are a little confusing – possibly a translation problem
  • The pregnancy strips could be a little stronger in color when confirming pregnancy


How Should The Product Be Used?

It looks like you’re ready to buy a product but want to be sure this is the one for you. So far it looks as if it’s easy to use: But can you really believe that? Check out the following steps: We’re sure they’ll convince you of how straightforward it is.

  • The LH test, which shows when you are ovulating, should be done between 10:00a.m. and 8:00p.m. for accurate results.
  • It’s best to do the HCG test, which confirms that you are pregnant, first thing in the morning when your HCG levels are at their highest.
  • Be sure to have everything you need to hand: the urine cup and the testing strip.
  • Place the strip into the urine cup and leave it there just for 10 seconds. Remove it and place it on something that won’t absorb the urine: If you don’t, there won’t be enough urine to recognize the HCG levels.
  • Within 10 minutes you’ll have your results – hopefully, the result you’ve been praying for.

On reading the results for the LH test, you’ll find that the test line color changes. It starts as a light color and will go deeper. Once the color is either the same or darker than the control line, you’ll know that you are ovulating.

Reading the results for pregnancy testing is simple: Two lines show confirmation that you are pregnant while one line means that you are not.

An important factor to be aware of: The earlier you test, the lighter the color of the lines. But however light the lines show, if there are 2 lines it means that you are pregnant. If you are in any doubt, do the test again a couple of days later.

Occasionally no lines will show. This just means that you’ll have to test again as the strip is invalid.


When Should The Product Be Used?

The first urine of the day is not suitable for LH testing so it’s best to do the test sometime between 10:00a.m. and 8:00p.m. But it’s also important that you test around the same time each day.

You’re more than likely so excited at the prospect of becoming a parent that you become too eager to do the HCG test. But if you do one too early you won’t get accurate results. You’re probably asking yourself: ‘Why not?’ The reason is that the HCG levels that are being tested for won’t show up much before your expected period. One day before you expect to menstruate is okay. But for the most accurate results it’s best to test a couple of days after your missed period.

Don’t forget: You’ll need to test first thing in the morning. And to be sure that your HCG levels will be picked up on, you should do it before you eat or drink anything.


How Does The Product Work?

You’re possibly wondering: ‘how do ovulation strips work’: Your body regularly produces LH, but the amount it produces increases just before ovulation. This hormone is needed to release the egg: the process of ovulation. The strips work by showing when the level is at its highest. So, you can expect to ovulate between 24 and 48 hours after you have a positive result.

As you are probably aware, to confirm your pregnancy the strips react to your HCG levels.  The HCG hormone won’t start producing until the embryo has implanted itself into your uterus. So, if you’re not pregnant there’ll be no HCG hormone to react to the strip



Tips For Helping Conception

When you are hoping to conceive, things don’t always work out the way you want them to. Maybe you’ve been trying for a long time and nothing has happened yet. There are many factors responsible for this so take a look at our tips to help you reach your goal with ease.

  • Relaxation is preferable to stress. Stress has been known to play a role in causing irregularities in periods. Any irregularities can cause confusion in knowing when you could be ovulating. If you relax and just enjoy the process without thinking too much about the hoped for outcome you’ll have a better chance of falling pregnant.
  • Get to know your own body. When you know your menstrual cycle, you’ll have more chance of knowing when the best time is to fall pregnant: That’s where the ovulation test for pregnancy is a good help as it’ll be able to inform you when you can expect to ovulate. Surprisingly ovulation only actually lasts approximately 24 hours each month for the average woman. After 24 hours, the egg will normally die if it hasn’t been fertilized.
  • Be sure to eat healthy and keep healthy. Being healthy is important for most aspects in your life, trying to conceive included. So, if that’s what you want it’s time to start thinking about living a healthier life.
  • Visit a doctor. To be sure that there are no health issues that need to be considered before conception you should consult your doctor. This way you’ll help avoid disappointments if you don’t conceive.


As long as your doctor hasn’t told you that there is no possibility of you conceiving don’t despair when it doesn’t happen as fast as you’d like it to. Some women have suddenly become pregnant years after they’d given up hope of ever having a baby.

You’ll find it’s much easier to become pregnant if you follow our tips. But don’t be disappointed if it should take longer, just keep on using the ovulation strips to know the best time for trying. And you should always have the pregnancy testing strips handy: Who knows when you might need them!



You may be getting frustrated at finding another month has gone by without you becoming pregnant. You may have given up all hope of ever getting pregnant. But a bit of advice: Be patient.

After waiting so long to become pregnant you certainly won’t want to wait any longer when you do suspect that it’s eventually happened. So be sure you have you Newbornty strips handy as the time will come when you’ll be glad you have them.

As they offer the best ovulation test for pregnancy that will give you 99.8% accuracy you’ll be able to depend on them. Just be sure to use them at the correct times otherwise you could get an inaccurate result with both the LH and the HCG levels.

There’s no product on the market that offers more than Newbornty in one package at such a price that you can afford. So, what are you waiting for – put it on your shopping list straight away!