Lady Comp Fertility Monitor Review: lan Your Pregnancy With Easy To Use Digital Device

So the time has come where you either want to start a family or you’re looking to extend your family. This comes easy for some but not for everyone. In fact, statistics show that about 11% of females between 15 and 44 have a problem in conceiving. One reason for this could be that their monthly cycle is irregular. When your monthly cycle is irregular it’s possible that you aren’t aware of the right times of the month when conception is most likely to occur. This could result in you being disappointed month after month when there’s no sign of pregnancy. Or it could result in an unwanted pregnancy if you’re checking ovulation dates to avoid conception.

There could be a simple solution to this problem. But before considering this solution you need to check with your gynecologist. There could possibly be a medical reason preventing conception. Once your mind is at rest that there is nothing preventing conception, why not invest in a fertility monitor!

Maybe you’re now thinking: ‘Why do I need a fertility monitor?’ The reason is that this device will determine exactly when you’re ovulating.

How does it do this? By reading you temperature daily it can assess when ovulation occurs. As there are only a few days when you could be ovulating, around 3 to 6, it’s important for you to know exactly which days of the month they are. Once ovulation takes place you only have 24 hours before the unfertilized egg dies off.

But why should you use a fertility monitor? Although there are some physical signs to your body during ovulation, the average person won’t really be aware of them. Also these signs could vary from woman to woman. By using a fertility monitor you’ll find you’re under less psychological stress. Any kind of stress also has a negative impact on conception.

By checking your temperature on a daily basis the fertility monitor will register any changes so you’ll be aware of the low, high and peak time for conception.

But why not just buy some ovulation strips instead? Test strips are all well and good, but they only give results for the day before ovulation, and the day of ovulation. A fertility monitor, on the other hand, will pinpoint the time to within 4 to 7 days where there’ll be a chance of you becoming pregnant. You’ll just need to be sexually active in those days! Or not, if you want to avoid a pregnancy.

A further advantage to a monitor is that it is not only that you’ll have more chances of conceiving, but also you’ll be able to also use it to prevent pregnancy if you’re not ready for a baby. The accuracy level of these monitors is amazing.

But if you want the best fertility monitor you should consider purchasing the Lady-Comp device.


Short Overview

So now you’ve decided it is something you need and you’re checking out what’s on the market. By reading our lady comp fertility monitor reviews you’ll have a better idea of just why this is the right product for you.

All you’ll need is 30 seconds a day to perfect your family planning. You won’t need to take any drugs, which means you won’t have to suffer any side effects either. Neither will you have to worry about running out of test strips just when you need them most. What’s more, it can also be used to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. And if you’re a nursing mother, you’re not going to affect your milk by using it.

There is an ‘intelligent’ monitor that tracks ovulation precisely. The data is read and you can even have a print out of the result. It’s practically 100% accurate and absolutely simple to read. A green light signifies your infertile times and a red light shows that you are fertile. There’s also a yellow light that shows when the monitor is not certain. When this shows it’s best if you consider yourself as being fertile to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Or of course to have another go at conceiving in case you haven’t yet been successful.



    • It’s a completely natural fertility awareness and family planning method
    • It guarantees practically 100% accuracy
    • There are no side effects to using it
    • It only take up 30 seconds of your day to test
    • The results are stored and you can even have a print out of them


  • The initial costs are high (but there’ll be no recurring costs!)
  • It’s larger than you’d expect, but small enough to keep beside your bed


How To Use This Product

Fertility MonitorYou won’t need an alarm clock any longer. Set the alarm on this device to wake you up. That way you’ll be sure to test at the same time each day. This will ensure the best results. You won’t even need to get out of your bed – just activate the device by pushing the button. Once it’s activated you check your temperature by placing the tube under your tongue for 30 seconds or so. You’re your temperature has been read the device will beep to let you know it’s finished. The monitor then calculates whether you are ovulating or not. And it even stores the information. A green light will show that you are 99.3% infertile, while a red light means that you are fertile. Sometimes a yellow light will appear. This just means that the monitor is not certain whether you are fertile or not. It’s best to take this one as meaning that you are fertile – you don’t want any accidents if you’re using it to prevent a pregnancy. And you don’t want to miss a chance if you’re trying for a baby. A blinking ‘M’ will show when your menstrual cycle ends. This needs to be confirmed once you start menstruating, but you can ignore it if you haven’t yet started bleeding. At the start of each new cycle you’ll find a red light blinking. This is to show a prediction of when your fertile time could be.

The monitor will save all the information it collects and there’s no worry about the information getting lost either. Even when the power is off, all the information is stored in the device. There’s also no fear of your children getting hold of it and deleting the information by mistake.


When Is The Best Time To Use This Product?

According to the fertility monitor reviews this product should ideally be used from Day 1. This means from the first day of your period. But it is also possible to use it from day 1 of purchasing it which could the middle of your cycle. It is important that you use it at the same time each day at first to ensure that you get the best results possible. By doing this, the computer is able to collect more information so that the fertile days can be narrowed down. It has an alarm that you can set to ensure the time you test. But you can also test without having set the alarm. All you have to do when you wake up in the morning is put the thermometer under your tongue for 30 seconds. The readings will be stored and calculated in the monitor and you’ll be able to print them out if necessary.

But if you keep irregular hours due to shift work the device does have a measuring period that lasts 6 hours. Also you’ll be able to rely on the device even when you’re sick or after having celebrated with too much alcohol. There is a possibility that the yellow light will blink at such times. But this just means you should assume you are fertile to avoid accidents.

There’s no need for concern should you forget to take a few readings. Lady-Comp will adjust to the missing input.


How Does The Lady Comp Work?

Most people ask themselves: ‘How on earth can such a product work?’ It works by reading your temperature on a daily basis. From this it’s able to calculate, analyze and store the personal data of your monthly cycle. This, of course, is possible because of its sophisticated computer techniques. The computer is able to adjust to your personal cycle even if you have a completely irregular cycle. And the more information it gathers about you, the more it will be able to help you. When calculating your fertile days it even allows for the sperm’s life expectancy, which is a maximum of five days. It’s one of the few products that does this.

Should you be taking any form of medication you should check out with your doctor whether the medication affects your temperature. If so, you won’t get a proper reading.

It’s the most natural form of family planning imaginable. You can be almost 100% certain of the readings so you’ll be able to plan your family accordingly. You won’t have to suffer any side effects from drugs and neither will you have to keep purchasing test strips, which can be messy. Also it can be used by women of any age as soon as they have started menstruating.



Tips To Help You Conceive

You’ll have already made the first move when you purchase a lady comp fertility monitor. But as there are so many factors that influence conception it’s important that you are aware of them. By following our tips together with using the monitor you’ll hopefully find yourself pregnant much sooner than you thought possible.

  • De-stress as much as possible. If you’re continually stressed out this could result in an irregular cycle. An irregular cycle could confuse you as to when ovulation takes place. Try relaxing more when with your partner so you can enjoy the process without stressing yourself too much about hopefully getting pregnant.
  • Know your cycle. Knowing your cycle will help you to know when you are due to ovulate. If you have an irregular cycle, you’ll be helping to regulate it by de-stressing. This means that you’ll have some idea of when ovulation takes place to make sure that your partner is around at that time. If he’s not, you may have to wait another month before you have the chance of trying to get pregnant. You need to be aware that once ovulation takes place, an unfertilized egg will die off within 24 hours. So the fertility monitor will be an added advantage as it will pinpoint the exact times of ovulation for you.
  • Make sure you keep in good health. To do this you should also eat healthily. It’s easier to become pregnant if you’re in good health. And let’s face it; you’ll hopefully be nourishing a foetus with what you’re eating.
  • Make an appointment with your gynecologist. Check out with your gynecologist to be sure that there is no medical reason why you haven’t conceived. Why go through the process of finding out your ovulation time and having your hopes built up every month only to have them shattered once again!

Assuming your gynecologist hasn’t told you that there’s no way you’ll be able to conceive naturally just relax. Even by testing with a fertility monitor you may not become pregnant immediately. Maybe your partner’s sperm count is too low or there could be some other factors causing it at that time. Many women have given up hope of ever conceiving and then it suddenly happens when they least expect it.

By reading our lady comp reviews, following our tips and using the fertility monitor you’ll hopefully soon have a smile on your face. Good luck!


Another month and no sign of that much longed for pregnancy. Don’t give up hope. Remember: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again! Being patient will pay off in the end. And by purchasing (and using!) the Lady-Comp fertility monitor you’ll hopefully find that you don’t have to be patient for too long. You’ll even be able to use it after baby arrives to ensure that you don’t have an unwanted pregnancy too soon after giving birth.