First Response Pregnancy Test Reviews – Accurate & Early-Result Digital Detection Kits

first response pregnancy test accuracy and instructions

When you’re trying to find out if you’re having a baby – it can be a nerve racking process waiting for the final results. That’s why it’s so important to choose a testing kit you can rely on. Many women go for cheap cost, inexpensive kits that may or may not be accurate – but is this something you really want to mess around with if results are inaccurate? In our opinion, it’s much more important to go with a trusted brand with a proven track record of accurate results and earliest detection.

First Response is a company that offers many products concerned with women’s reproductive health and family planning needs. They offer a variety of early pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, fertility kits, lubricants, and prenatal vitamins. From conception to birth, they have the basics covered and provide the essentials that work for all your family planning.

They’ve created a strong presence in this area and are one of the most well-known and trusted names. The First Response brand offers a line of home testing kits with different features and high sensitivity for women with a variety of needs. With an array of products that can feature rapid detection of certain hormones, digital screens, and even Bluetooth connectivity, First Response is a leading name when it comes to popular brands.

As their name suggests, First Response is the only brand available with early detection of results up to 6 days sooner than a woman’s expected period. With thoughtfulness in their designs and boasting a 99% accuracy testing rate from the day of a woman’s expected period, First Response is a leader in pregnancy products and is recognized as such.

Below, we’ve summarized the great features of their different products and how to use them so you can review them and find one that suits you best. You can also find answers to questions like can it be false negative or false positive, how accurate & sensitive it is. Keep reading to find out more.

Our Review of the Different First Response Products:

First Response has several items in their product line, and we’ve gathered them here with honest pregnancy test reviews so you can find what you’re looking for. Some of the tests feature rapid response advanced technology, digital readings, and early detection.

1. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

early result kitIf you’re anxious to find out if you’re pregnant and just can’t wait any longer, this brand may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Early Pregnancy test from First Response is one of the only tests that can give you results 6 days before your period is due. Other products suggest you wait until the day of your period or even an entire week after it’s supposed to be due.

Who can sit around waiting that long?

With this brand, you don’t have to. Even though it does detect early pregnancy, it’s also important to remember that not all women have detectable amounts of the specific types of hormones in their bodies that indicate pregnancy early on. The longer you can wait until your period is expected, the more accurate the results will be. What makes the First Response Early Result (FRER) brand especially attractive is its successful track record. It’s over 99% accurate from the day that your period is due.

If you’re looking for something that can check if you are pregnant or not early to give you answers as soon as possible, this kit may be able to give you that peace of mind. Just remember to read the instructions carefully.


2. Rapid Result Pregnancy Test

rapid result kitWhen you take a test to see if you are pregnant, the moments between urinating on the indicator strip and the results showing up on the screen can be some of the most excruciating moments of a woman’s life. Rapid Result Pregnancy Test by First Response is sensitive to that and offers rapid results in just 1 minute from testing.

Wouldn’t it be nice for all uncomfortable moments in life to be shortened?

This kit utilizes advanced technology to isolate multiple forms of the specific hormone in your urine and translates that information to you quickly. This cuts down on the time you’re sitting around wallowing in anxiety and asking, “Am I pregnant? Or am I not?”

Not only that, the results are over 99% accurate when taken the day of your expected period and if you follow instructions. That is a pretty impressive standard of accuracy! If you’re searching the market for a product that will give you results and quickly, then this is one you have to consider.


3. Gold Digital Pregnancy Test

gold digital kitThe Gold Digital Pregnancy Kit by First Response combines multiple features of its advanced technology into one product for your convenience and peace of mind.

This testing kit is the only digital kit available that can give you results as fast as 5 days sooner than your expected period (when taking a testing kit early, it’s important to remember that not all women have detectable amounts of the particular hormone in their bodies early on. The longer you can wait until your period is expected, the more accurate the results will be). Another reason to choose the First Response Gold Digital kit is its successful track record. It’s over 99% accurate for testing if you are pregnant from the day that your period is due.

The digital screen displays a clock indicating it’s ready to check. Once you dip the stick in urine, the clock will begin to flash to let you know that the process is taking place. After testing is complete, the display will show you a concrete “yes, pregnant” or “no, not pregnant” so you won’t be spending any time looking at one or two faint lines or deliberating over your results.

Because in the end, don’t you just need a clear answer either way?

If you want a testing kit brand that will display clear digital results in just 3 minutes, choose this one.


4. Test & Confirm Pregnancy Kit

test and confirm kitReading the results from a testing kit can be nerve wracking and sometimes confusing. The Test & Confirm Pregnancy Kit by First Response provides dual results to give you more information about what’s happening in your body and will help you to feel more at ease. The first results are the strips that are typically used on all other types of kits but this product takes it one step further and provides you with a digital result to confirm.

Sometimes the result strips can be very faint which leaves you with a vague answer and can be confusing. The digital answer provides a more concrete answer and sensitivity so you can take the guesswork out of your results. Besides that, this brand of testing kit can also provide you with early results 6 days sooner than your expected period date.

However, anytime you are trying to find out if you are pregnant or not in the early stages, it’s important to remember that not all women have detectable amounts of the specific hormone which indicates that you are with child in their bodies early on. The longer you can wait until your period is expected, the more accurate the results will be. If you are checking on the day of your expected period, the results have been shown to be over 99% accurate.

Now isn’t that some peace of mind?

If you’re searching for a testing kit brand that can be used for early detection and both tests and confirms your results, then this is the one for you.


5. Pregnancy PRO

pro kitThe final item on our list of reviews is the Pregnancy PRO test. This product is like the method of the future combining bluetooth with the First Response technology that can give you results 6 days sooner than your missed period. That is probably as early as you will be able to achieve at home.

It’s important to note that any time you take a pregnancy test early, not all women have detectable amounts of the special hormone we’re looking for in their bodies that quickly. The longer you can wait until your period is expected, the more accurate the results will be. If this test is taken on the day of your expected period, the results have been shown to be over 99% accurate

With the Pregnancy PRO, users download an app which will wirelessly sync to the testing kit results. This product is kind of like a friend that will always be there to guide you through the entire process complete with digital directions, a timer, and resources for what to do after you get the results. The Pregnancy PRO is definitely for planners who may not want to feel alone in this process and want to set themselves up for guided information. Just don’t forget to read the instructions carefully.

If you’re seeking more information to appear seamlessly after you receive your news or just want to feel guided through this process, then this testing kit will suit you well.


What Should I Do If I See Faint Line?

If you took the test and your testing kit display panel produces a faint line, it may be a good idea to retest right away or the following morning just to be sure it wasn’t a faulty product. If the second test is taken soon after the first and gives the same result of a light line, it’s possible you simply haven’t waited long enough, and your body isn’t producing enough hCG to give you a definitive answer.

At that point, you should wait a week before taking another testing kit. This will give your body more time to either produce more hCG or clear the existing out of your body. Keep in mind that any time there is a faded pink line that appears in the positive ‘pregnant’ indicator, the kit has picked up hCG even if it’s only trace amounts which mean it was in your body. This can occur if you have taken any fertility treatment and there is some residual left or if there was a fertilized egg that attempted to implant but didn’t take, resulting in a pregnancy that is no longer viable.

Early miscarriages are more common than you might think. Although the information of a possible early miscarriage may be upsetting, you won’t find out until you wait a while and take another chance a testing if you are pregnant. In the early stages, it takes the average woman’s body 2 or 3 days before hCG level will double in their bodies to give a more conclusive result on the strip.

If the results are still unclear, make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood check which will provide a much more conclusive answer on whether or not you are pregnant.

a woman expecting baby

The Verdict: Is First Response the Best Pregnancy Test for you?

Now that you’ve read through the reviews on the different products that First Response offers, you have a better idea of the different features, if it works, how to use it and superior technology that they utilize. They offer many advanced attributes that any woman who wants to see if she is pregnant might want including early detection pregnancy test that can give results up to 6 days sooner than an expected period, rapid detection rates that drop the waiting time from 3 minutes to under 1 minute, digital readings, Bluetooth connectivity to a specially designed app, and a combination of more than one of these features.

1st Response has proven themselves as a trusted name in testing kit brands with their sensitivity and results that are over 99% effective when taken on the day of a woman’s expected period. Those results are something you can rely on when looking for a testing kit to deliver such important news.

With new specialty grips for easy holding and thoughtful designs, First Response pregnancy tests are excellent, easy to use, and are just as accurate as any other brand on the market. Try out any of the above products for the best possible results.