First Choice Pregnancy Test Reviews – Sensitivity, Instructions & Our Verdict

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The pregnancy tests made by First Choice may be on the budget-friendly side, but they deliver a lot for such a reasonable price. First Choice is a well-established company that has been making these kits for quite some time now.

All of their reviews and expertise in this field shows with the latest First Choice Pregnancy Test, which offers an almost perfect mix of accuracy, value and ease of use. While there may be more premium brands on the market, there is no reason to break the bank with this great budget option available.

With such a huge range of brands on the market, it’s important to do your homework, read the reviews and make sure you’re using a brand that actually works - and gives quick and accurate results. That’s why we’ve reviewed dozens of the most popular brands on the market today.

Would you like to know more about how this particular brand works for people just like you? Read on our real reviews to find out more about this pregnancy test, how it works and for more specific instructions on how you should use it to get the most accurate results.

What is First Choice Pregnancy Test?

The First Choice test kit does not seek to reinvent the wheel, it looks and works just like the majority of similar kits currently on the market. This kit is used to check whether or not you are pregnant all in the comfort of your own home and can be used as early as 5 days before your period is due.

This gives you great peace of mind and flexibility. Especially when you are unsure, or think you may be pregnant, you really want to be able to check as early as possible, and this is an option the First Choice kit gives you. When choosing something so personal, can there be anything better than personal experiences to help you?

Below you will find a rundown of just how regular people like you get the best results from this pregnancy kit.

How Does this Product Work?

boxes of First Choice Pregnancy Kits

Just like almost every other testing kit on the market, the First Choice kit is designed to detect changes in hormone levels. Specifically, it is looking for an increase in Hcg levels.

From the moment you first fall pregnant, your body begin changing, and the most noticeable change early on is the increase in Hcg levels, which can be detected by tests via urine. Because this hormone begins to reach abnormally high levels even before you miss your period, it is possible to detect pregnancy earlier than ever before.

Despite the First Choice tests kits being made with easy to follow instructions, it is important to continue reading, so you can see the exact method of using the kit. Small mistakes can cause inaccuracies in the result, and no one wants that!

How Do I Use it and Read the Results?

Over many years, the pregnancy and ovulation tests made by First Choice have been refined so that they are as foolproof as possible. The steps you need to follow really are easy, but because of the importance of these results, you should follow the instructions carefully each and every time you use the product.

  1. First, you should take the stick out of its sterile packaging, ensuring the absorbent strip is exposed.
  2. Next, you need to dip this strip into a stream or cup of urine.
  3. After just a few seconds, the strip should have absorbed enough urine to make an accurate reading, and you can remove it, placing it carefully on a flat surface.
  4. Within 2-3 minutes, lines will begin to appear at the designated place in the viewing panel.
  5. A single line indicates a negative result (no pregnancy), while two lines is a positive result (pregnancy).

Now isn’t that simple and easy?

What Should I Do If My Results Are Unclear?

Unfortunately, even the most carefully engineered testing kits can have problems. Provided you have followed the instructions carefully though, the chance of failure is low. Along with the instructions, there are explanations of common problems the product could have.

If according to these notes the kit has not worked correctly, you should use the contact details for the company that are provided. Do be aware though, that sometimes medications you are taking, or pre-existing medical conditions can also affect the results. Whenever you have any doubts about the validity of a pregnancy test, you should consult your doctor.

a pregnant woman

How Accurate are the Results?

Provided you have taken the test according to the instructions above; there is a very high rate of accuracy. When administered on the expected day of your period, the result is up to 99% accurate. As already explained above, the kit can be used earlier than this, but the accuracy does suffer. The exact accuracy when using the kit before the date of your period fluctuates though, as no one woman will have their Hcg levels increase at the same rate.

You can rest assured though that if you use the product on the date of your period, it is almost certainly correct. At the end of the day, isn’t accuracy the most important feature of a pregnancy test?

The Verdict: Is First Choice Pregnancy Kit Best for you?

It can be hard to choose with so many pregnancy kits on the market, but if you want a top quality, easy to use and accurate pregnancy (or ovulation) kit, the First Choice Pregnancy Test is a great option. The accuracy of this product is a standout feature, and you will struggle to find another product of this quality at such a great price.

The instructions included with the First Choice kit are easy to follow, giving you the peace of mind that you have used it correctly.

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