EPT Pregnancy Test Reviews: Accuracy of Results & How Soon to Take It?

ept early pregnancy test

As far as pregnancy tests go, the EPT are considered some of the best out there. Before the EPT was first brought to the market in the 1970’s, confirming a pregnancy was not a simple process. Women who wished to confirm their pregnancy had to wait until after their missed cycle, see a doctor and have tests done, then most harrowing of all, wait days for the results. Considering how much the modern world hinges on instant gratification, doesn’t that sound like some kind of nightmare?

Luckily, with the EPT an easy to use, at home kit was available, and it revolutionized pregnancy testing. Of course, the first iteration of the EPT was far from perfect, but over the years it has been refined and improved into the modern, accurate and easy to use tests we have today. These new pregnancy determination kits have accuracy and wait times that the original users of the EPT could only dream of.

It is completely understandable that you are cautious; a pregnancy kit is a very serious purchase after all and not a choice to be made lightly. That is why we have gathered real user EPT test reviews and crucial information about how the EPT works in one complete review to help you make an informed decision.

What is EPT Early Pregnancy Test?

Although the technology and accuracy in the early pregnancy test kits have changed over the years, it still functions in the same simplistic way as the original kits and very easy to use instructions are included in every pack. Now you have the choice of analog and digital testing kits.

One is not necessarily better than the other, just the manner the results are delivered changes. Still, the whole process can still be a little intimidating right? To help out, the way the kit works and how to use it properly are outlined below.

Once you have read up on just how easy it all is, you will have nothing to fear.

How Does this Product Work?

Similar to just about every other digital early testing kit for pregnancy on the market, the EPT works by measuring hormone levels. As you are probably aware, certain hormone levels change when a woman is pregnant, and it is these fluctuations that trigger a positive result on the early testing kit.

Every effort has been made to make these results as accurate as possible, but you can only achieve this accuracy if you follow the instructions for using the kit correctly.

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How Do I Use it and Read the Results?

With so many years to fine tune the EPT Early Pregnancy Test, the instructions are simple to follow. Once you have opened the kit and exposed the absorbent tip, you must keep the tip facing down and use the kit straight away. How to take it? You have two options - you either insert the absorbent tip into the urine stream directly or dip it into a container holding the urine. At all times, it is very important that the tip remains facing downward.

Once the test has been exposed to the urine for no more than 20 seconds, it should be placed on a flat surface, with the display chart screen facing upward. If you like, you can put the cap back over the tip at this stage. After approximately 2 minutes, you will have a result, displayed in the large circular window. A straight line indicates that you aren’t pregnant (negative), while a plus sign indicates pregnancy. Don’t be confused by the smaller square window, which will display a straight line that tells you the test itself is functional.

These easy to follow instruction lead many people to get overconfident and make silly little mistakes. Do you want to be as certain as possible? If so, pay close attention to the instructions every time.

What Should I Do If My Results Are Unclear?

It can sometimes happen that even when following the instructions carefully, the results returned are unclear or inconclusive. There are a small number of circumstances where the test itself may have malfunctioned, and common problems are mentioned in the detailed instructions.

In all cases where the product itself has failed, you can call the company to find out what your next step should be. Even when it is functional, the results chart can also be affected by certain treatments, medications and pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, there are also very few rare situations where you can be given a ‘false positive or negative’ result.

If you are ever in any doubt or think the results are wrong or questionable, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

How Accurate are the Results?

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Do you want almost perfect accuracy? You don't want any false positive or negative results, right? If so, the EPT fits the bill. When used according to the instructions on the morning your period is due; it has 99% accuracy.

You can use the product up to 5 days early. However, this impacts the accuracy of the product, with just 50% accuracy when used this early. This is because some women simply do not produce the hormones tested for in sufficient quantities to trigger the test chart so early on.

Is EPT Pregnancy Test the Best for you?

With all of the factors above considered, the Digital Early Pregnancy Test is one of the best available. They have been tried by countless women since the 1970’s, and the modern kits are amazingly reliable with rare cases of false results and easy to use.

While other brands are available and have their own positives and negatives, none can quite compare to the EPT pregnancy test accuracy and easy instructions. It is so popular with women all over the world for a reason!

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