Easy @ Home 25 Pregnancy Test: Reliable HCG Results

Easy @ Home 25 Pregnancy TestAre you finally at the stage of your life where you are ready to have a child? Whether you´re single, married, or in a long-term relationship, you are prepared to make a change in your life. Congratulations! It´s a big step, but most certainly a beautiful one.

Whether you expect it to be easy or you are receiving fertility treatment, you want to be sure that you´re ready to take the test when the times comes. You want to have what you need on hand and not have to rush out, every time that you take the test. Having a test that you can grab from your medicine cabinet at a moment´s notice is fabulous for this process. Of course, don´t forget the urine cups.

If you have a hard time waiting for answers, especially with situations as big as this one, you might want something that tests early. If you´re taking fertility treatment, you probably don´t want anything complicated. Just a simple test that works quickly and that you can use easily is what you want, right?

With so many different hcg pregnancy tests to choose from, how do you find the one that will give you the optimum accuracy? After all, the emotions surrounding trying to get pregnant and becoming are not to be played with. You also want to be sure to find one that is FDA approved. In fact, only look for FDA approved ones so that you can be sure that they promise accuracy and are safe to use.

A great option that is quite dependable in comparison to other ones is the Easy @ Home 25 Pregnancy Test.

Quick Overview

Promising 99% accuracy, the Easy test package is ideal. Accuracy is what it´s all about when testing to see if you´re pregnant. You don´t want a false positive, so the fact that this option promises almost 100% accuracy is important. Results can be read in within 3-5 minutes, so you don´t have to wait long.

This product uses the same method as labs would to test pregnancy, but for a very low price, you get the same kind of accuracy. It´s an easy at home pregnancy test that is drama-free to use. The affordable box includes 25 individually wrapped test strips. This means that they are both hygienic to use and you get plenty to test over and over again, if need be. While you hopefully won´t have to retest, if you like to be absolutely sure or messed up on the first try, it´s okay to use another strip. 25 is more than you need in one or even two months, so go ahead. It´s best to retest after 48 hours, to ensure that you get results, as your strip may not have picked up on the pregnancy, due to diluted hCG levels.

Sometimes, it takes a while to finally make “it” stick, so to speak. It helps to have the tests on hand, so you don´t have to continually run to the store every month. Plus, having multiple strips means that if you´re not sure about a result, you can easily retest without worrying.

While you will need to purchase cups for urine separately, the strips are very easy to read, and the package comes with a user manual. So, if you are at all confused about how to use them, the manual will help you out.

While some strips come in large and bulky boxes and packages, this one is small enough to take with you. You may be traveling with your significant other but still want to find out when you suspect, so this option is travel-friendly.

These strips have been known to be quite accurate and nearly any positive that you get will be a true positive. While you may have to pay close attention, as sometimes the bands can show up faint, these are quite reliable. Faint bands or not, if there´s two of them, almost every person who tries these strips gets an accurate result.

The tests are also FDA approved, which means that you can trust that they are safe to use, and they offer optimal accuracy. They also have some of the earliest detection results around, so if you´re in a hurry to find out, the Easy @ Home 25 Pregnancy Test may be the choice for you.



  • It´s easy to use
  • It´s highly affordable
  • The test is one of the most accurate on the market
  • The package includes multiple strips
  • They allow you to test relatively early

  • They don´t have a digital display for results
  • You have to buy cups for testing

How to Use It

So, you like the specs and what you´ve read so far. But, is this option really as easy as it seems. While the answer is subjective to your preference, this product is quite straightforward in its method of testing. The following are some suggested steps for using these test strips:

  • Prepare to use the test first thing in the morning, as this is when your HCG levels are not diluted by water or other liquids.
  • Make sure to have some way to time the 5 minutes you´ll need to wait after removing the test from the urine.
  • Make sure that you have a disposable cup to urinate in. Make sure your strip is ready to use to dip it in your urine immediately.
  • Put the strip in the urine, making completely sure that you´re putting it in with the arrow pointing downwards. After 3 seconds you can remove it and lay it flat on something that won´t absorb your urine. You want there to be enough urine for the test to pick up on the hcg levels.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and voila, you should have a result that you´ll love.

It may at first be difficult to understand how to read the results, but it´s quite simple. The line after the solid pink base at the top is not where you should read them, but rather, below in the control/test zone. If only one band shows up in the test zone, it is unfortunately a negative. If two bold bands show up in the control/test zones, then it is indeed a positive. Keep in mind, that depending on the stage of pregnancy, they may not show up very bold. But, if they show up, you can be quite sure you are pregnant. If in doubt, test again.

If no band shows up, you´ll need to retest, as this means that it is invalid strip.

When To Use It

So, you´re ready to become a parent, and you´re in a hurry to find out if your hard work has worked. Before you rush into using one of your strips, slow down. As great as these strips are, no test can read HCG levels before they can show up in your urine. So, go ahead and wait until one day before your missed period.

If you really want to be sure, then just go ahead and wait until a few days after you have missed your period. And to be sure that the strip picks up on the hcg levels, test in the morning before you´ve had anything to eat or drink.


How It Works

These kinds of strips are designed to read your hCG levels. When your egg has been fertilized or rather an embryo has been implanted in your uterus, your uterus will then start producing what is known as the hCG hormone. If you´re not pregnant, there is no possible way for you to have hCG in your system.

Pregnancy strips are designed with a kind of fiber that will make the hCG stick to it and this is how you get the positive results. They have a special dye that responds to the level of hCG that mixes with the antibodies found in the test´s fibers.

Tips For The Process

You may be one of the lucky ones that has been blessed with fertility like you wouldn´t believe. Of course, some women have to wait a while and keep trying. Some other factors come into play when one is trying to conceive. Following are some tips to help you during this time:

  • Relax and try not to stress about it. Why it isn´t the biggest factor, stress can sometimes cause you to have problems with your period and regularity. This can cause you to become even more confused while trying. While it may not be easy to do, try to enjoy the process. Plus, you´ll have more fun that way and will probably have more of a chance at getting pregnant.
  • Get familiar with your body. Understand your menstrual cycle. This can help you to relax with times and can also help you to try at the right time. If you know when you ovulate, make sure to try to conceive during that time.

If you have a hard time understanding your body, then you may want to invest in ovulation test strips which will tell you when your body is fertile. After all, women get pregnant when they´re ovulating. Ovulation days don´t last that long, so make sure that you find out when it´s happening.

  • Eat healthy and be healthy. It’s just a fact of life, if you´re healthy than it is typically easier to get pregnant. Especially if you don´t have any fertility issues. If you know that you need to do a little of work to get your body feeling better than ever, then go ahead and start habits. This will help to prepare your body for the process.
  • Consult your doctor. While you may believe that you´re extremely fertile, you may still want to consult with your doctor to ensure that your body is ready. In some cases, you may have health issues that need to be remedied before you can attempt to conceive. It is always best to be aware before you try so that you don´t try in vain. It can also help to ensure that you do get pregnant when you do attempt to get pregnant.

Don´t give up. Unless your doctor tells you that there is no way that you can have a baby, keep trying. Some people try for years and then when they´ve forgotten, a baby shows up. You can always have these tests on hand for those times when you feel symptoms and want to make sure.

If you are aware of your body, your cycle, and your health, getting pregnant should be easier than you would imagine. If not, just be patient and always make sure to have reliable tests on hand for the moment that could come when you least expect it.



If you´ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time and you really want those positive results, it can be tiring to wait. Sometimes welcoming a baby into your life can take time and requires plenty of patience.

With all this waiting going on, the last thing that you want is to wait on results. So, if you want one of the most dependable tests that promises a 99% accuracy, this is one of the best options around. While there is always a chance to get a false negative-such as when you test when your hcg levels are diluted-this product has a reputation for being reliable.

Because the Easy@ Home Pregnancy Test is one of the most sensitive options on the market, you will want to consider buying the package. After all, with so many strips at such an affordable price, why not?