ChoiceMMed One Step Urine Pregnancy Test: Get Accurate HCG Results In Minutes

If you’re reading this, you are probably making the decision to get pregnant or perhaps wonder if you are already. Maybe you are ready to start trying for a little one with your partner, but you want to be fully prepared.

A product that can help to keep you calm throughout the experience of trying to conceive is a pregnancy test. With many different kinds to choose from, a particular type that is often suggested are the test strips.

While you do need to purchase cups in conjunction with the strips, they typically are very low priced. And, they come in packages of up to about 20-25 strips. For couples who may need a few months to achieve conception, this is a good option.

Finding the right pregnancy tests means the difference between getting false results or correct ones. Because those who are trying for a baby typically really want one, getting false results is not fun at all. What is already an emotional time can become even more so if you get a positive result, only to retest later and get a negative one.

With many to choose from, you be may wondering which ones are the most reliable. An option that may work for you is the Choice MMed One Step Urine Pregnancy Test. Following is more information on the product, how to use it, and different ways to make the process easier. And we’ll look at: How soon can I take a urine pregnancy test to ensure accuracy.

Quick Overview

The ChoiceMMed is one of the most affordable options around. For what it provides you with, you’re barely paying anything. With a total of 20 test strips, you can be sure to have plenty for as long as needed. Each HCG strip comes in an individual package of its own to ensure that they stay protected and clean. Because of the low price and the abundance of strips, this product is considered to be one of the most cost-effective ones around.

These hcg test strips are FDA approved, so you can be sure that they are safe to use. It also means that they have a fair level of accuracy (99%). Because the sensitivity level of each one step urine pregnancy test strip is 25 mlU/mL, they can be used for early detection. They are said to have the best urine pregnancy test accuracy.

This option is claimed to be able to test your hCG levels from up to as early as 5 days before your missed period. This is much earlier than many other options available on the market.

Unlike other types of pregnancy tests, this one step pregnancy test doesn’t use words or a digital display. Instead two lines let women know if the result is positive and one if it is negative. If there is no line, the test may be invalid.

The strips are packaged in a small box making it easy to take with you, if you need to go on trips during your attempt at conceiving. There are simple instructions on the back of the box, as well as on each strip’s personal envelope.

They are easy to read and don’t require too much effort to use. While some boxes may have a faulty strip here and there, for the most part, they are reliable. While they do promise early detection, it’s best not to try to test too early.



  • These strips are extremely affordable
  • They are easy to read
  • The packaging includes instructions
  • They promise early detection
  • The package includes plenty of strips


  • Some boxes may have a couple faulty strips
  • They are small and it can be hard to read results

How To Use It

If you’re ready to start trying to conceive a baby, these tests are ideal, as they provide you with several strips. They are also quite easy to use. If you’ve used digital tests before, these may take some time to get used to, but it’s not rocket science.

You’ll need to make sure to have your strip ready and a disposable cup for your urine. Simply dip the strip into the urine for five seconds. Take it out and lay it flat and let it stay for five minutes. After five minutes, you should have a clear, easy-to-understand result.

Remember to dip the strip into your urine with the solid blue block of color on top and the plain white area dipped in the urine. Also make sure to take the test first thing in the morning, when your possible hcg levels have yet to be diluted by drink or water. For best results, wait until a day or so before your missed period.

When it comes to reading your tests, if there are two lines in the control zone, it’s a positive. If there is only one line, it’s a negative.

How These Strips Work

The way that pregnancy tests work is that they test to see if you have hcg in your system. A pregnant woman will have hcg levels that can show up on a test. The strips have a high level of sensitivity that can pick up on the levels as early as 5 days before your missed period.

Because the levels of hcg are not usually high enough to be read until near the date of your period, they won’t be effective before then.

Test strips contain a certain antibody that when it comes in contact with hcg results in what you see on the strip, a positive. The way that the strips are designed to absorb your urine means that if there is hcg in it, it will read on the strip.

Is It For You

Deciding which pregnancy test is best for you is important. For some, getting pregnant is easy, whereas with others, it takes time. You probably don’t want to worry about retesting, false positives, or trying to understand your results.

If you prefer digital displays with clear lines or words stating “Pregnant,” these strips may not be the best for you. Whereas, if you want to make sure to have plenty of strips in order to retest when needed, this package of ChoiceMMed gives you the option.

If you are taking fertility treatments and trying to have a baby, this kind of pregnancy test package is ideal. It will provide you with all the strips you could need, should the process take a while.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ChoiceMMed claims to be able to test accurately from up to 5 days before your missed period. This may be reason why some people get negative results when they are actually pregnant. This is because tests typically can’t pick up on hcg levels until at least one day before missed period.

If you really want to be certain of the results, wait until as late as you can. If you don’t, you may be getting false results which could lead to frustration.

If you don’t like to fuss with cups of urine, have a challenging time understanding the results, or are nervous about handling the strips correctly, consider an alternative. Traditional “pee sticks” are in some ways easier for people to test and get the result on a digital display. Of course, these types of tests tend to be costlier and you don’t get several in one package. They definitely aren’t as cost-effective as the ChoiceMMed option.


Tips For The Trying-to-Conceive Process

You can take all the tests in the world, but it’s important to be aware of your body before trying. Some things to consider when wanting to get pregnant are:

  • Do you know if your body is ready for it? As much as you want to get pregnant, your body may just not be ready for it. You may have health issues that are impeding that you conceive. In order to go into the process of having a baby with the possibility of the best results, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor. They can help you to understand whether or not your body is healthy enough. Or, if you have any issues such as myomas or other problems that could make it very difficult. This will help to save you time and effort.
  • Don’t make it a chore. Don’t stress. The more that you stress about getting pregnant, the more difficult the process can be. Look at it as something fun and something to be enjoyed, even if it is taking time for it to happen. Some even believe that stress can mess with your ovulation time and as everyone knows, ovulation is when it’s going to happen.
  • Know when you’re ovulating. Because getting pregnant is all about trying when you’re ovulating, make sure that you know when you’re supposed to be ovulating. If you know your cycle well, this should be easy to calculate. If not, you can either use apps that help to remind you or use ovulation test strips that are similar to pregnancy test strips. They can help better the chances of you getting pregnant quickly.
  • Be healthy. A healthy body is more apt to get pregnant than an unhealthy one. From maintaining an exercise routine to eating right, staying healthy is one of the best things that you can do when trying to have a baby. Making sure that you’re eating right before getting pregnant will help you to already have the habit when you’re pregnant. If you want a healthy baby, eating and living well is important.

Remember, if you have visited your doctor and neither your partner or you have fertility issues, you should be able to get pregnant soon. It may take some time, but if your body is able to conceive, it should happen sooner or later. Have patience, know your cycle, understand your body, and enjoy the process.


ChoiceMMed One Step Urine Pregnancy Test is a relatively accurate option for women who are working through fertility treatments to have a child. It can also be a good choice for anyone who suspect that they are pregnant. If you want to make sure to always have a test on hand when you want to know if you’re pregnant or not, this package is ideal.

Because it includes 20 strips, you can be sure that you won’t run out. If you feel as if a result may not be right, you can simply wait a few days and then retest, without having to run to the drugstore. While some users may have found faulty strips in their box, with plenty to go around, one or two shouldn’t matter.

To ensure that you don’t get a false result, make sure to test as soon as possible before your missed period or even a day or two after you’ve missed it. Of course, these can be used for early detection, but trying to test too early can end up resulting in false results. This can be disheartening if you happen to get a negative, when chances are you could actually be pregnant.

Because of the low price for this box of 20 strips, it’s a good investment for women trying to conceive. As long as you follow tips on when to test and how to test, you should get clear and correct results. They are cost-effective, accurate when used right, and can help to put your mind at ease. Take your time and be patient. When you do finally get that positive result, all the work and testing will be worth it.