Best Pregnancy Back Brace Reviews: Get Effective Relief For Back Pain With A Simple Support Belt

The initial excitement of being pregnant has been dampened by the fact that your bump is getting continually larger. So, you’re starting to feel a little discomfort and your back has become uncomfortably painful. You may be wondering: ‘What can I do about this?’ Nobody wants to suffer unnecessarily and there really is a simple solution – wear a pregnancy back brace.

A pregnancy back support belt is just what you need by the time you reach your second trimester. It will help support your back and pelvic regions thus alleviating any pain you feel. But first a word of advice: consult your gynecologist before you wear one to ensure that there is no underlying problem and that it is okay for you to wear one.

Once your gynecologist has given you the okay you’ll be asking yourself: ‘How long can I wear it for every day?’ If you’re a working mum-to-be you surely don’t want to be faced with having to take it off during working hours. So, the answer to your question is that you shouldn’t wear it more than 8 hours per day. Most expectant mums have found that wearing it for between 3 and 4 hours has been enough to give them the relief they needed.

But have you thought about how the belt works? It actually stretches your muscles so the pain is spread out instead of only being concentrated in one area. One point to be careful of: if you wear it too long the muscle pain could get worse as the muscles will overstretch.

Now do you want to know the best part? You don’t have to worry about it harming your baby. Your baby will still be totally comfortable in your belly so why shouldn’t you also be comfortable!


Our Top 5 Best Pregnancy Back Brace Recommendations

We only recommend products of top quality. But for anyone who has to budget you may not be able to afford one of the higher priced products. Don’t worry: the more inexpensive options will also do the trick. Once you’ve consulted with your gynecologist and he’s given you the okay it’s time to purchase one. To help you with your choice we’ve put together a list of 5 products which we consider worthwhile thinking about.


1 – BuntisBasics Pregnancy Support Brace

As pregnancy is a very special time you want to be sure of having special products to help you survive any discomfort you may feel. One such product is the BuntiBasics Pregnancy Support Brace. You’ll not only get the support brace: You’ll also be supplied with a jeans extender for free. This means that you’ll get more wear out of your favorite pair of jeans.

It will be a relief to find that you don’t need to give up any of the activities that you’ve been doing regularly. This is because the brace offers support for your back and pelvic regions.

It comes on one size to fit all. What does this mean? It means that you can wear it if you are size XS or XXL as it has a built-in adjustment system. It’s 46 inches long and is made of top quality spandex and polyester, which are completely breathable.  No fear of irritation when you wear it. What’s more: It’s hypoallergenic.



  • Eases pain to back and pelvic regions
  • It can be customized to give you the exact support you need
  • It offers a waistline extender for your jeans or pants for free
  • Made of spandex and polyester it’s hypoallergenic
  • It’s breathable so no worry about irritation


  • You could become too dependent on it
  • You need to be careful what clothes you wear over it


2 – NeoTech Care Brace

If you’re uncomfortable because of pain in your lower back now that your bump is getting larger you should think about purchasing the maternity back brace from NeoTech.

Offering support for you abdominal and lumbar regions with its 4 side panels this belt even has a lift attachment for your abdomen. You’re possibly wondering: ‘What do I need that for?’ Maybe you’ve not considered that some belts can put pressure on your stomach. That’s where the lift attachment is important – to avoid such pressure. It also assures that the belt stays in place and doesn’t roll down.

It’s lined with cotton/nylon elastic but made from laminate that is multi-layered. This makes the fabric breathable, which is important to avoid irritation. The Velcro straps have been reinforced so there’s no fear of them opening.

As it is fully adjustable you’ll be able to wear it from the second trimester to the end of your pregnancy. That is: If you buy the right size. You need to determine your size first as it can be purchased in S, M, L, XL and XXL.

As it has to be worn on top of your clothes, it might not be the best product if you have any special celebration planned in the near future. Neither is it ideal if you are ultra fashion conscious.



  • Can be adjusted to last throughout the pregnancy
  • Fabric is breathable and Velcro has been reinforced
  • It includes a lift attachment to avoid pressure on your abdomen
  • Provides necessary support for your lumbar regions
  • There are 4 side panels made from elastic


  • You’ll need to be sure of purchasing the right size
  • Needs to be worn over your clothes


3 – Artempo Pregnancy Support Belt

So, you’ve reached the point where you’re looking for a pregnancy back support belt. No doubt you’re hoping to get relief from that backache fast. But: sitting there thinking about purchasing a product is not going to give you the relief that you crave. You need to put in your order today. Why not put in an order for the Artempo Pregnancy Support Belt!

Made from a multi-layered fabric that is laminated it has a lining of cotton and nylon elastic. This ensures ventilation and also adds compression. You’ll soon feel a reduction of pressure on your lower back as your abdomen is gently lifted. What’s more: You can say goodbye to any muscle soreness and fatigue of the pelvic area.

If you are smaller or larger than average this belt isn’t suitable for you as it only comes in size L

This belt will meet all your needs not only for back support during pregnancy, but also after. How is this? That’s easy: It’s adjustable. So, don’t put off buying it, you’ll only regret it when you realize the benefits it gives you.



  • It will relieve any weight of your bump
  • It will take away that sore, heavy feeling in your stomach and back
  • It’s fully adjustable so can be used during the whole pregnancy
  • Although it looks confusing, it’s easy to put on
  • It will also give relief post-pregnancy


  • Can only be hand washed and naturally dried
  • It only comes in one size – that is size L


4 – Colorful Life Pregnancy Belly Brace

You’re still excited about your pregnancy and are planning ahead to keep yourself healthy throughout. You know a pregnancy is not like a fairy tale where everything is hunky dory: You’re expecting to feel discomfort. Are we right? Then whether or not you’re planning ahead you’re going to need a maternity back support to ensure that you don’t get too uncomfortable.

If you like a little color in your life then why not choose the Colorful Life Pregnancy Belly Brace? Believe it or not, but you can choose from a great variety of colors and even sizes. A definite must for anyone who is fashion conscious.

Made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex it is lined with 100% polyester. These fabrics are not only comfortable but also breathable.

The brace can be adjusted when required with Velcro which is super strong to avoid it opening. As it can be adjusted you’ll be preventing the uterus from prolapsing and protecting your ligaments at the same time.

Due to its zero pressure your abdomen will be stable and the fetus won’t be oppressed. You’ll no longer suffer from joint fatigue or aches and pains in the pelvic area. Pressure on your spine caused by the pregnancy will also be reduced.

So, what are you waiting for? Put in your order now to avoid even the slightest amount of unnecessary discomfort.



  • You’ll have a variety of colors to choose from
  • It’s breathable and also offers comfort
  • Adjustment by means of super strong Velcro to avoid it opening
  • Offers zero pressure
  • Aches and pains will be alleviated


  • Too tight if you’re expecting twins
  • Not so comfortable when sitting for longer periods


5 – AZMED Breathable Abdominal Binder

Every pregnant woman expects to feel discomfort at some time in her pregnancy. This is normal as your bump expands. But did you expect your bump expanding to give you such awful backache? We’re sure nothing prepared you for that. But why suffer when you can purchase a good maternity binder that will take off the edge of your pain. You’ll not only no longer be uncomfortable, but you’ll also no longer be irritable. And let’s face it: Who wants to feel continually irritable at a time when you thought you’d continue being euphoric.

If you purchase the AZMED product you’ll have a binder that does what the name says: It breathes. You won’t want to tear it off because you feel sticky under it on a hot day. But let’s face it: When you’re pregnant, your hormones will often make you roasting even on a cold day.

You’ll find relief from that back pain as there won’t be so much pressure on your spine. Also, the fact that it lifts your belly reduces not only back pain, but also any pain in your hips or in your pelvic regions.

If your belly is no bigger than 46 inches this is the product for you.



  • Supports your bump which eases any discomfort
  • Prevents pressure to your spine and strain on your back
  • Supports abdominal muscles prenatal and postnatal
  • No worry what size to order as there is only one size
  • It’s breathable so you won’t feel hot and sticky


  • Not suitable for larger women with a belly more than 46 inches
  • A little bulky to wear under your clothes


Features You Should Focus On

You need to be certain of what you want before you purchase anything. Are you comfortable with wearing a support over your clothes? If not you should consider buying one you can wear under your clothes. The only problem with such products is that they can be bulky. What does that mean to you? It means: No more wearing sleek figure hugging clothes even if you want to show off your bump. Nothing looks more unattractive that seeing the outline of a belly belt under a figure hugging top.

How much support do you really need? Depending on what you want you can choose between a bellyband and a maternity belt. If you’re looking for something to take the weight off your bump then it’s a maternity belt you should purchase. But don’t forget: They are normally worn over your clothes.

A bellyband is worn under your clothes and will give you some support but not as much as a maternity belt.

You really should consider what features are most important for you. Personally, we think that comfort should be towards the top of the list. What’s the point of wearing a belt to relieve aches and pains if it’s not comfortable? That makes no sense! You need relief from pressure if you want to reduce the level of pain you’ve been suffering.

Here’s something you’ve possibly not considered: How easy is it to clean? You won’t want to go to the expense of buying a few so you always have a couple of spares when one is in the wash. Also, you’ll be wearing them for longer periods of time over a good many weeks. Are you happy with hand washing, especially when it comes to the last awkward weeks of pregnancy? Maybe it’s better to buy a product that can be machine-washed. Or better still: buy two – one for wearing while one’s in the wash!


All the products we’ve reviewed will give you relief from aches and pains and discomfort during your pregnancy. They all offer a great many advantages but it’s for you to decide which ones are the most important to you. Whichever one you purchase we are sure you won’t regret it.