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So, I'm here looking for a bit of advice really. Been doing the whole online dating bit for a while now and I've met someone I really like. Five dates in everything's going well. Or seemingly so. Texting all day everyday, usually with her initiating it. She's invited me to her friends birthday drinks. Dates have always gone really really well. I had to cancel our date tonight as I got sick. I told her about three days ago and we've still been texting all the time with plans to meet next week instead. I said in a text tonight that I wish I could have seen you tonight. And silence. Absolutely no response. And we've been responding to each others messages instantly all night. So what I want to know is: did I come across too full on? I mean she definitely seems like she's been into me but is it too early after five dates to have said such a thing? I'd really appreciate any advice just so if I have screwed things up I know for next time!
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The best way to deal with it is to tell him you aren't playing this game with him so when and IF he's ready to calmly talk to you in a respectful and honest way - TO LEAVE. He is used to having his way most of the time and uses these bullying tactics to win. And then pulling the victim ***** on you, is a wonderful way of making you feel guilty...It's very controlling and manipulative of him to do this.
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