AccuMed Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips Kit

So, you’ve now reached the time in your life where family planning is really what it says. Are you planning to start your family or are you planning to extend your family? Whether you’re married, in a live-in relationship or single this is a very exciting time for you. You’re going to have to make a lot of changes but you’re quite prepared for that. But despite being excited you’re probably also nervous. You’re certainly asking yourself: ‘Will I get pregnant straight away or will there be problems?’ If this is to be your first pregnancy you won’t be able to answer that question yet. It’ll take years of trying with no success to realize that there’s a problem.

Of course, if there is a problem, medical science has come a long way in being able to help you: today there’s the possibility of having fertility treatment. But until you reach the stage where you know about a problem you should try out ovulation testing strips to find out when the best time is for you to conceive.

So, the first step has been taken care of – you know you’ve hit the right time of the month now you just have to sit back and wait to see if it was successful. Waiting seems endless when you’re eager to know the results, but in fact, waiting for two weeks is not so long. With pregnancy testing strips, you can find out whether or not you are pregnant by testing at home. Within a few minutes of doing the test, hey presto, you’ve got the results. Let’s hope it’s the result you wish for!

So, for this whole process you’ll need to be prepared. The best preparation is to purchase the AccuMed Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips Kit. This combined kit allows you to first find out when you ovulate and then there’s no need to go out and buy another pack for pregnancy testing: you’ll already have it at hand.

With so many products on the market you’ll need a brand that you can rely on. Do you want quick results when testing or are you willing to wait a little longer for results? If you’re impatient, which you probably are, you’ll be wanting immediate results. How easy should the test be to take? Some are more complicated. But do you really need to complicate your life at such a time!

One point that is extremely important to be aware of is the fact that the product has reached the FDA standard. This guarantees that you have a product that is not only safe to use, but will also give you accurate results. You certainly don’t want to spend money on a cheap product only to have results that turn out to be inaccurate.

So, if you want a product you can rely on you should consider buying the AccuMed Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips Kit.


Quick Overview

At such an important time in your life you won’t want anything to go wrong. And you certainly won’t want to be given incorrect information about when you ovulate. That would mean that you have to wait a further month before there’s any chance of becoming pregnant. Or what about testing positive for pregnancy only to find that you’re not pregnant after all! Another possibility is that you test negative so carry on as normal. You could possibly be doing your unborn baby harm then. With this accumed pregnancy test you’ll be sure of having 99% accuracy. What’s more you can do the test 5 days before your expected period: and you’ll have results within 5 minutes. You’ll be able to forget about being impatient!

This product is so convenient as you can test both for ovulation and for pregnancy from the comfort of your own home. The kit contains 50 ovulation strips and 25 pregnancy strips so you’ll have more than enough to last until you become pregnant. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. You’ll just need to purchase urine cups to use for testing, so don’t forget to put them in your basket together with the kit.

You’re now probably asking yourself: ‘Why are so many test strips supplied?’ This is to cover all possibilities – you could be nervous doing the test and mess it up. Then, of course, you’ll need to start all over again. Perhaps you just want to reconfirm what the test has told you: just in case you didn’t do it right in the first place. But, of course, if you didn’t test positive – there’s always enough test strips for using next month!

Should you not be convinced of the results you see, you can always test again. But to be sure you should wait 48 hours before doing a second test. As these strips take a reading of your HCG level (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormones) there is a possibility that the levels had become diluted at the first reading. So, if you’re not a person who believes everything they see, you’ll have enough strips to convince you that you were seeing things right.

Just be sure to always test as soon as you get up in the morning as your HCG level will be higher then

The LH (Luteinizing Hormone) test to find out when you ovulate can be taken any time from 10:00 a.m. up to 8:00 p.m., but no earlier or later than that.

As the pack is compact you’ll be able to take it with you if you go away for a romantic weekend or pack in your suitcase when you go on holiday. You’ll be too impatient to wait until you get back off holiday to find out if you’re pregnant when you know there is a possibility of it.

You know you have a reliable product here as it is FDA approved with a nearly 100% accuracy rate. You can rely on its safety and also on being provided with accurate results.



  • Nothing can be simpler to use
  • Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
  • Guarantees nearly 100% accuracy
  • Supplies 50 ovulation test strips and 24 pregnancy test strips
  • FDA approved

  • Color when confirming pregnancy is a little faint
  • Confusing directions on the ovulation test strips


How Should I Use The Product?

As with all test kits you need to follow instructions carefully to ensure that you get accurate results. On reading the accumed pregnancy test reviews it seems that those who got inaccurate results did so by not following instructions. If you take the following steps there should be no problem for you as it really is straightforward.

  • To ensure accurate results with the LH test showing the days of ovulation you need to do the test sometime from 10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • For the HGC test confirming whether or not you are pregnant you need to do it at the time the HCG level in your body is at its highest. That means as soon as you get up in the morning.
  • Make sure that the testing strip and urine cup is within reach.
  • Immerse the strip in the urine cup and leave it there for just three seconds. When you take it out make sure that you don’t place it on anything that is absorbable otherwise there’ll be no urine left to test the level of HCG.
  • After just 5 minutes you can see the results – one line means that it’s negative and two lines means that it’s positive.

So, as you can see – it really is simple! By using these ovulation strips correctly you’ll have a better idea of knowing when you’re ovulating: this is often not otherwise possible when you have an irregular cycle.

You’ll also find out how successful you’ve been 5 days before you miss a period with the pregnancy test strips.

One point to consider: Sometimes the lines are quite faint so if there’s any doubt when you read the results, test again, but wait a couple of days before doing it to be certain that your hormone levels are high enough to show up.


When Should I Use The Product?

For LH testing you should never use the urine you pass when you get out of bed. Any time from 10:00 a.m. up to 8:00 p.m. is okay. According to accumend ovulation test reviews, in order to get best results, you should keep to the same time every day.

This product is ideal for impatient people as you’ll be able to test for HCG 5 days before your expected period. But don’t be too impatient and try it earlier as there’s no way it can give you correct results earlier. You’re possibly thinking: ‘Why shouldn’t it show whether or not I’m pregnant?’ The fact is that although the HCG levels start to increase immediately after implantation they take a while to reach a level where they’ll show up on a test strip.

Although you can test 5 days before expected menstruation you’ll be certain of more accurate results if you wait until a few days later.

Also, it’s important to remember that testing should always be done as soon as you get up in the morning, before you have anything to eat or drink.



How Does The Product Work?

It’s hard to imagine how a little strip of paper can provide you with life changing results. What exactly happens to the ovulation strip? In fact, a woman’s body produces LH at all times, but just before you’re due to ovulate it produces more to enable the egg to be released. The amount you produce shows up in your urine so when the strip shows that your level is at its highest the test will show positive: then you’ll know that ovulation is due within the next 48 hours.

The pregnancy testing strips show up your HCG levels. As the hormone isn’t produced before implantation of the embryo into the uterus, there will be no HCG showing unless you are pregnant.

We’re sure you’re asking yourself that all-important question: how accurate are ovulation test kits

That’s not a question we can answer regarding other test kits, but the AccuMed Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips Kit is FDA approved and has a 99% success rate. What more can you expect from a product!


Some Tips To Help You Conceive

You may just be looking for some tips before you take this big step or it could be that despite all the effort you’ve put into it you’ve not yet conceived. There are many factors at play when this happens: maybe our tips will help you along.

  • De-stress and relax. Stress can be a killer in many areas of your life and it could also be why your periods are so irregular. Irregular periods mean that you’ll never be able to assume when you’re ovulating.
  • Make sure you know your body. If your menstrual cycle is regular you’ll have a better idea of what days ovulation takes place. But to confirm this you could use the ovulation test strips. As ovulation only lasts for about 24 hours a month on average it’s important to know when as 24 hours later the unfertilized egg will die.
  • Keep to a healthy diet to stay healthy. This is important for both men and women of all ages, but it’s especially important when you have conception in mind. Now is the time to consider just how healthy you are and do something to improve it.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor. It really is important to know whether or not you have any health problems that need to be dealt with before you become pregnant. It’s not advisable for pregnant women to take any kind of medication so get yourself sorted out beforehand.

Some women conceive at the blink of an eye, others take years. Providing your doctor has confirmed that there is no medical reason for you not having conceived you’ll just need to be a little more patient.

By following our tips you’ll hopefully find that you won’t have any problem becoming pregnant. And don’t forget: if it does take time, use those ovulation strips to determine the best time for conception and keep the pregnancy strips handy so you’ll be able to have the earliest possible results.



This product offers excellent value for money and guarantees you almost 100% accurate results if you use it correctly. By using the AccuMed Combo Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips you’ll know exactly when you’re ovulating and won’t have to wait too long to find out whether or not you’re pregnant.

When you hold your little one in your arms for the first time, you’ll be really glad that you purchased this product, especially now that you have all the info from these Accumed ovulation test reviews.