Best Home Pregnancy Tests: What’s the Earliest, Most Sensitive & Accurate Brand?

what is the best pregnancy test

Finding out whether or not you are pregnant is a life-changing moment in anyone’s life. Even if you’re fairly sure what the result will be, you still need to deal with all the nerves that come with selecting the right testing kit to give you quick and accurate results, making the purchase, making sure you take the test correctly and waiting in anticipation for the results.

It’s normal to feel a bit of stress, after all, you’re dealing with the uncertainty and the nerves. But taking a pregnancy test is emotional enough on it’s own! So you shouldn’t have to feel extra stress by wondering which brand is best, or which type of home pregnancy kit will give you the most accurate results and the quickest answer.

How confusing is it to walk into your local pharmacy, convenience store or shop online to figure out which kit to buy? Sometimes, more choice isn’t better; it’s overwhelming.

You may wonder: Do the more expensive ones work better? Does brand matter? Should you get a package with more than one in case you want to double check, or if you’ll need another one again soon? Do they expire? What’s the shelf life? Which works best? Which have the easiest instructions to use?

Yikes! So many questions left unanswered!

Wouldn’t it be relaxing and relieving if you didn’t have to wonder about all these different factors? Wouldn’t it be a huge relief just to get the right type of test, the best type of test, and take it at home without worry?

We think so, which is why we’ve created a comparison guide to choosing the perfect kit for you and your body. We’ll help you understand which pregnancy tests are the easiest to take, and most accurate - every time. We will review the best pregnancy tests on the market, cheapest prices and highlight features that will need to know about for your specific use and individual needs.

So, are you ready to find out how to simplify your choices?

Keep reading to learn more and read honest reviews from real women just like you.

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How to Choose a Pregnancy Test Kit?

Of course, you want to find out as soon as possible whether or not you’re having a baby, right?

What you want to look for is an over the counter (OTC) kit that offers early detection. These types of pregnancy tests, which have extra sensitivity to detecting hormones, can give you accurate results before you have missed your period, and as soon as you suspect you might be pregnant, some up to six days before the day of a period.

The sensitivity will be shown as a number, such as “20 mIU/hCG,” which is the threshold for detecting the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. If the number is lower, it means the test is more sensitive.

But just as important, you also want a test that’s accurate. You do not want to get a false negative or a false positive - you just want to know the truth without the emotional rollercoaster of getting false results.

So how do you balance finding a testing kit that is accurate but also detects your possibility of being pregnant quickly?

The best way to ensure you’re getting a kit of high-quality is to choose one from a brand with a proven track record for guaranteed accuracy. That means choosing quality brand names that you can trust. While generics can be just as good as brand names, the quality varies, and with a huge, life-changing moment like this, you don’t want to risk it.

Rest assured that when you buy a trusted brand’s product, you are getting a product that has been used by many women just like you hoping for accurate but quick results.

Here’s quick guide on the best way to choose a pregnancy kit that is guaranteed to be accurate and offer early detection capability.

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How to Choose a Home Pregnancy Test for Early Detection?

Of course, every woman’s body is different - and the most important thing is choosing the right earliest pregnancy test kit for you, one that makes you feel comfortable and safe and that is easy to use.

There are several different factors to consider when you are thinking about which pregnancy detector will be the best for your individual needs.

The first and most important thing for most women is accuracy. Getting a false positive can cause a lot of undue stress that you do not need to add to your life; so you want guaranteed accurate results the first time.

A false negative is more likely to occur than a false positive. This can also be stressful, as you want to start making plans for your baby and understanding what your body is going through as soon as you know you are pregnant. False negatives can even be dangerous since you need to make decisions about your body and lifestyle that take into consideration your pregnancy.

A lot of women also worry about price. Pregnancy tests to take at home usually cost between around $8 and $20, but it varies with the brand and quality. Some can be as low as $1. But for a name brand, you may pay a bit more, but for such a hugely impactful moment, you really want the best. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Another thing to consider is the choice between a digital or analog type of pregnancy test. When you get the results, you can have a testing kit that displays results by causing lines or dots appear. This is called an analog display. You can also choose one that gives you a readout on a small screen, which would be the digital version.

One last thing to consider: How easy is the brand to use?

If the instructions are complicated, you might misread the results - which could be disastrous! Make sure to choose a brand that is simple and trusted. If you want to find out how to take and read a pregnancy test more accurately, click here. 

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The Top 5 Most Accurate Pregnancy Test Brands

The following pregnancy test reviews were conducted from a sample of hundreds of women, and highlight the most-discussed features of each pregnancy test.

1. First Response

First response brand
Women found the First Response pregnancy test to be consistent in results and overall accuracy. Some women took the test up to a week before their period was due, and still found accurate results, though fainter lines in the results on the stick.

Respondents found the product easy to use and liked the curved style of the pregnancy test which made it easier to handle. Reviewers also said the kit showed more accurate results the closer it got to their scheduled period start, and after.

One woman said, “Great for early detection. I like to know early... so this product is the best.” Another said, “These are my go-to kit because I have never gotten a false positive like I have with [other brands].”

Some of the women even said that this is the most sensitive pregnancy test that they have ever used.

Not all women reported being able to test six days before their period was supposed to begin, but First Response states that results are 99% accurate from the day the late period is supposed to begin.

2. Clear Blue

clear blue brand
Users reported that the Clear Blue pregnancy test gave them clear and accurate results days before their period was due. Compared to other brands that show a faint line or result when tested days before the period, for this early response testing kit, women said the lines were bold and clear to read.

One reviewer said, “I received faint lines with my other tests, and this one is plain as day - either yes or no which I love!”

Women said it gave them peace of mind to be able to know before getting their period whether or not they were pregnant. Women especially liked the kit with weeks indicator from Clear Blue, a feature that shows how many weeks along you are.

Overall, women found Clear Blue to be trustworthy and an easy user experience.

3. New Choice

new choice brand
Women found these kits from New Choice to be more affordable compared to other brands, while still offering consistently sensitive and accurate results. One user reported that she was impressed by how fast the test worked. New Choice says its testing kits work in one minute or less.

Women say that this product is extremely accurate, and in some cases, even more accurate than the company promises. Some women say that with this brand you can see the fastest results as it takes just 2 minutes or even less. While New Choice says the kit can be used to detect a possibility of being pregnant in low levels of hormone in the urine, it can be used to test even less in some cases, women report.

This brand can be found sold at dollar stores, which some women see as a positive, while others see it as a negative. It is up to the buyer on whether they want a trusted name brand.
More than one reviewer said the tests were correct each time they had used them.

4. Answer

answer brand
Women who have tried Answer pregnancy tests reported consistent results, in line with the company’s strong reputation on the market.

Some packages include a disposable cup for dipping the stick instead of urinating directly onto it, which some women preferred, while others did not mind either method.

One woman noted that the testing kit was a good value compared to some other brands, and was still accurate for her. Some users did report that they wished the lines could be less faint but still found them readable.

Users recommended repeated tests with the kit to confirm results as accurate.

Many users of the Answer pregnancy kit noted its similarity to First Response and had positive associations with that brand as a leader in the market, and so enjoyed this user experience as well.

Want to learn more about Answer pregnancy kit and read what users are saying?

first choice brand

5. First Choice

Women who reviewed the First Choice Pregnancy Test said it was overall very easy to use.

One woman reported that this brand worked better for her than others and that she received many false positives from other brands, but was happy with this one as it gave her a true positive.

Another reviewer said that this product was good value for the money, as she was using a lot of kits quite often during her attempts to get pregnant. Many respondents noted that the price was a good value.

One woman wrote, “These are a great value, and accurately reflected the great news of my baby status fairly quickly post-ovulation!”

Another woman was so happy to receive positive results; she had a friend who is taking birth control take a few tests to confirm they could also return negative results.

How Do These Products Work?

Exactly how do you get from “peeing on a stick” to knowing whether or not you are pregnant? It’s good to know at least a simplified version of how testing kits to know what you are paying for.

The product tests your urine to see if it contains the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin, commonly referred to as hCG. hCG is released after a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus.

The hormone is difficult to detect earlier because it begins being produced around a week after the egg is fertilized, but that timeframe does vary from case to case.

Once the egg has attached to the uterus, the hCG hormone begins doubling or tripling levels every few days, meaning the longer you are pregnant, the easier it is for a pregnancy test to determine whether or not there is a presence of these hormones.

And at-home pregnancy test (HPT) involves either urinating on the stick or urinating into a cup and dipping the test into the sample. The specially-treated results strip will tell you whether or not the hormone is present. Pretty simple, right?

Within minutes, you will have results to see whether or not you are pregnant!

Did you know that it is possible to create a pregnancy test on your own? All you need is just a little bit of time and several popular ingredients found in almost every household. Read more about the homemade DIY pregnancy test.

How Much Does a Pregnancy Test Cost?

So, how much does a pregnancy test cost? The price of pregnancy kits can vary quite a bit. Some budget pregnancy tests can be found at local dollar shops, but reviews are mixed on just how accurate and effective they can be. It is up to the user whether they prefer a brand name or not.

Bulk buying can reduce the cost, which is very easy to do online.

For example, a package of one may cost $7, while a package of three is only $15, effectively saving you almost the cost of the third tester.

And it is always handy to have extras on hand to double-check for false results.

Usually, they range from $1 up to $20 for a pack of two, it all depends on the brand and where you purchase it.

Overall, paying a bit more in price means paying for peace of mind, as name brands on the higher end of the spectrum usually promise more accuracy, faster results and are easier to use. And isn’t it important to have peace of mind?

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Where to Buy Pregnancy Tests?

Where to buy a pregnancy test that works? The best place to buy a reliable pregnancy test checker that will work with accurate and fast results is anywhere that name brand products are sold.

Sometimes these can be found in drugstores, but the best method to save money, save time and forgo what can sometimes feel like a very personal purchase to make in front of strangers, is just to buy them online.

You can get it shipped straight to your door, buy in bulk, and read user reviews before deciding on which name brand to purchase.

Through informational review websites, you can get all the research you need done and buy with the ease of sitting in your chair at home. Going to the store means being at the mercy of reading labels, being swayed by product packaging, and being left scratching your head.

Sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you! You can easily find out information about the top-rated pregnancy tests, and how you can stop worrying and start getting the best results.

So, What Should I Do Then?

Now that you are ready to buy one, the only thing left to do is to purchase it. You can go out and buy it in the store which is embarrassing because people are going to judge you especially if you're a minor. Or, you can buy it online, save yourself from the embarrassment and shame, and get it for cheap with guaranteed results within minutes.